Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1 Grand Final!

I'm a dyed in the wool Swannies fan but, although my parents will spin in their graves, I'm barracking for the Doggies aka Western Bulldogs aka Footscray .
Or as Franco Cozzo says "Foot-is-gray".
Onya, Frank.
Too long between drinks for the Doggies and the Swannies have had a few waltzes down the aisle in recent years....they can afford to lose a few supporters for one day.
Same as Cronulla...the spouse is going for the Sharks tomorrow instead of his beloved Storm.
Cos we is romantics at heart.

1880 – The Melbourne International Exhibition was opened at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.

1918 – Australian troops captured Damascus.

1925 – Greater Brisbane was inaugurated as a single municipal authority under Brisbane City Council.

1981 – The National Bank of Australasia and the Commercial Bank of Australasia merged to form the National Australia Bank.

1988 – The ALP government of John Cain was narrowly re-elected for a third term in Victoria.

2005 – The 2005 Bali bombings took place, killing 23 people (including the three suicide bombers) and injured 129. Four of the dead and 19 of the injured were Australian.


  1. And so it came to pass that you chose the correct team to support. I don't think you were the only one who did that.

  2. Yeah, plenty of footy nuts were telling me at the greengrocers that they were hoping the Doggies would get up and do it.
    It's amazing the conversations you get into while hanging out in greengrocers waiting for the closing-for-the-weekend mark down specials.