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October 2 #OnThisDay in #OzHistory

The silly laptop - which is 3rd hand and out of the Ark, was having conniptions yesterday hence the truncated history report.
It seems to be behaving today *touch wood* so let's see how far I can get.
How good were those Doggies yesterday????
I felt sorry for some die-hard Swannie fans but the Swans have been a power house team all year whereas the Doggies have struggled with injuries, illnesses, etc, and were 7th on the ladder when they trotted into the Grand Final...a Cinderella story.
Now, let's see if the Cronulla Sharks can do the same to bring some semblance of  half-arsed good news in the year that saw the tearing of the seams of the Universe beginning with the death of David Bowie.

1788 - HMS Sirius set out from Port Jackson, Australia, to Cape Town for provisions.

1839 - New Zealand came under jurisdiction of the Governor of NSW.

1839 - Charles La Trobe arrived to become the first superintendent of the Port Phillip District .

1848 - The first issue of Daily News and Evening Chronicle hit the streets in Sydney.

1848 - The first issue of the Adelaide Times, a weekly newspaper, was published.

1865 - The first issue of Daily Leader, in Brisbane, was hot off the presses.

1880 - The big guns at Fort Glanville (South Oz) were fired for the first time. The fort had a garrison of 40 men and a battery of two 64-pounder guns and two 10 inch guns and had been built to defend shipping in the Semaphore anchorage.

1916 - During WW1 the Australia's Women's Peace Army was bitterly opposed to the war and conscription. Today was declared by Vida Goldstein in the Manifesto for the Australia’s Women’s Peace Army as Australia’s Day of Degradation: Proclamation Day, Oct. 2, 1916.

1935 – John Curtin replaced James Scullin as leader of the Australian Labor Party.
*Pity they didn't learn how to spell LaboUr*

1943 - The 9th Division captured Finschhafen Finschhafen, in New Guinea, which subsequently became the base for the protracted Huon Peninsula campaign, 1943-44.

1964 – Gladesville Bridge (pictured) opened—the world's longest concrete arch at the time.

1969 - Tennis player Rod Laver beats fellow Australian Tony Roche in the men's singles final of the U.S. Open, achieving his second Grand Slam (having also won the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon in that year).

1971 - A homing pigeon averaged 133 KPH (record) in 1100-km Australian race.

1989 - The Territory Wildlife Park, south of Darwin, was opened to the public.

1990 – Opera singer Dame Joan Sutherland announced her retirement.

1994 - Pakistan defeated Australia by one wicket in the Karachi Test.

1994 - Nine people were killed when Seaview Air Aero Commander 760 crashed into the sea on a flight from Newcastle, NSW to Lord Howe Island.

2004 - The first edition of Financial Review’s new glossy, quarterly magazine Life & Leisure The Sophisticated Traveller was published.

2005 - The first issue was published of Qweekend, the colour magazine that is to appear each Saturday with the Courier-Mail.

2007 - Australia’s Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said that over the past two years the intake of Africans has been cut from 70% of the total of 13,000 refugees to just 30%.

2009 - A boat carrying about 100 asylum seekers left an Indonesian port bound for Australia but never arrived. The information was made public in May, 2010, by Australian Customs and Border Protection Service chief executive Michael Carmody during a routine Senate inquiry into government operations.

2010 - Australian PM Julia Gillard met the chief of international forces in Afghanistan and vowed support for the US-led mission in a surprise visit to troops on her first overseas trip as leader.

2012 - Australian tycoon Paul McDonald was fined $C10,000 by Canadian authorities after a booze-fuelled party cruise in the Arctic in September. He was charged with providing liquor to a minor and being in possession of liquor without a permit after police seized 200 bottles, as well as illegal fireworks.

2012 - EIGHT indigenous elders gave a portion of a symbolic gate to the National Museum of Australia. The remainder of the gate – which was once attached to the front entrance of the Kinchela Boys’ Home, near Kempsey – will go on display at the museum in Canberra.

2013 - The ACT's Marriage Equality Bill passed the ACT Legislative Assembly.

2013 - Yet another history of Oz was published, this time the Cambridge History of Australia was served up.

2013 - The UN refugee agency said 17 countries including the United States, France and Australia have agreed to receive quotas of refugees fleeing the bloody conflict in Syria.

2014 - Australia authorized the deployment of special forces to advise and assist Iraqi forces alongside British, Canadian and US advisers already on the ground.

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