Friday, March 31, 2017

March 31

March 31 is the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

1809 - Tricking those sly dogs of the NSW Corps, Bligh arrived at Hobart and shifted into the renovators delight Government cottage with his daughter.

1829 - Fort Dundas, on Melville Island, didn't live up to its promises as a 5 star resort so everyone upped sticks and hot footed it to the next fashionable place to be seen, Raffles Bay, NT.

1831 - Surprise, the first Aussie-built steamship, was launched with much aplomb and high spirits , of both kinds, in Sydney.

1839 - Bet there were a few celebrations all round that night too...Joseph Forbes aka Timor Joe, was rescued from Timorlaut Island where he'd not been voted off the island held captive for 14 years.

1863 - South Australians grew to love their woolly backs to the point that by this date there were almost 3.5 million Sunday roasts gambolling about the Adelaide Hills.

1871 - Young Griffo, the Lightweight Boxing Champion of The World, was born.

1883 - Robert Kinnear became the first Indigenous runner to win the famed Stawell Gift.

1885 - The Grey River Argus reported  that the West Island (aka Australia) had received warning from Singapore that The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

1887 - The Enrolled Pensioner Force in Westralia was abolished and a new unit called the Enrolled Guard was formed from among its members. It was placed under the command of Captain M.S. Smith, the Superintendent of Police and the final parade of the Enrolled Guard was held on this day.

1906 - In 1906 the Grey River Argus trumpeted the news of a huge fire that took out several Sydney warehouses, threatening the entire block, gutting the Berlin Piano Company.

1909 - Victoria finally woke up to itself the treasure trove it had in the form of women and proclaimed the Act giving them the right to vote in state elections. Goodness, next you know they'll let a woman be PM of a country somewhere...

1921 - The Aussie Air Force was formed, with the "Royal" being added further down in the year on August 13th.

1928 - First Aussie Grand Prix was held at Phillip Island.
I'd say send it back there but the Fairy Penguins have moved on from their ocker bogan days...
1930 - Lectures, and not of the nagging wife kind, begin at the illustrious Canberra Uni.

1931 - The Temora to Roto Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Hillston to Roto South, from Roto South Junction to Roto East Junction and from Roto South Junction to Roto West Junction.

1938 - Opening of Mackay Court House in Victoria Street by QLD Premier and Mackay Local Member William Forgan Smith.

1943 - Oooo-ah that won't make them popular! Aussie and American servicemen unloaded ships in Sydney during a strike by the wharf labourers.

1947 - Now that all the shouting was over, assisted migration for British migrants was reintroduced with free passage thrown in for all ex-servicemen.

1954 - The Pony Club Association of Victoria introduced instructors courses to Australia ; Colonel Pope announced a proposed Instructors Course to be held during the winter months, at the Showgrounds or at Frankston . As it turned out, it was held at “Carbrook” in Frankston, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Derry Francis, (Luckock). Colonel Pope anticipated that as a result of this and any future courses, certain people would be passed as Instructors suitable to conduct tests.

1955 - And the world was blessed with the musical genius trussed up in a school boys uniform in the guise of Angus Young from AC/DC.

1956 - The Marian railway bridge was washed away by raging floodwaters causing immense disruption to Pioneer Valley residents.

1957 - The poopheads closed the Hearns Oak to Yallourn railway line.
But at least you can *gag* walk or cycle the remaining rail trail.

1966 - Sir Robert Menzies laid the Foundation Stone of the National Library of Australia.

1975 - Skyhooks were rocking the top of the Aussie pops with Horror Movie.

1977 - Old Iron Gloves, Rodney Marsh, took out his 188th wicket during the Centenary Test Match at the MCG creating a new record.

1983 - The fabulous Aussie kid's classic, Possum Magic, was released on this date.

2002 - Janelle Patton became Norfolk Island's first murder victim in 150 years.

2006 - The Age broadsheet fishwrapper announced ,
"HOMOPHOBIA is alive and well in Australia and linked to startling levels of depression among gays and lesbians, according to a study to be released today."

2007 - In Sydney, Australia, 2.2 million people took part in the first Earth Hour.

2010 - Veteran Aboriginal rights activist, Charles ‘Chicka’ Dixon, died aged 81. Dixon was active in the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders and its campaign for the 1967 national referendum. Dixon was also active in the Aboriginal Tent Embassy movement in the 1970s and a major player in establishing Australia’s first Aboriginal legal and medical services. He received a state funeral on this day.


  1. As always our history is a mixed bag. Some to rejoice in, and others best described as lessons to be learnt.
    Possum Magic CAN'T be that old. Can it?

  2. I know!
    I feel slightly creaky and ancient LOL.