Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11

1806 - Declaration of war against Spain was received by the ship William Pitt.

1838 - The Broken River Massacre or Faithfull Massacre occurred today as a group of 18 stockmen were searching out new pasturelands near Wangaratta when they were attacked by 20 Aboriginal people as a reprisal for an earlier killing of several Aboriginals at Ovens; at least one Aboriginal and 8 Europeans died in this attack, with further reprisals taking place in the following months and years.

1856 - During a public chat session in Melbourne Dr Thomas Embling coined the phrase "Eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest" which was later incorporated into most industries (and the world didn't fall apart).

1862 - The North Geelong to Ballarat Railway Line (VIC) was opened.

1896 - Today saw the closing of the registration process to vote for the chickybabes in South Oz (including NT) and, although married sheilas were encouraged to list their marital status as their occupation, many bold hussies actually listed their paid occupations such as teachers, nurses, hotel keepers !

1897 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was closed from Jct (Dargans Deviation) to Clarence (1st), opened from ct (Dargans Deviation) - Newnes Junction, Newnes Junction - Newnes Junction (1st), Newnes Junction (1st) - Clarence (1st).

1904 - A Victorian Royal Commission into the butter industry was established, coz we all know it's a rich, slippery, deliciously addictive substance that Needs Looking Into.

1916 - The Campsie to Flemington Goods Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1917 - First battle of Bullecourt, Western Front.

1921 - Bert Hinkler broke his aviation record from Sydney to Bundaberg then taxied the plane down the street to his mothers gate (and the world didn't fall apart).

1924 - The Red Cliffs to Werrimul Railway Line (VIC) was opened.

1934 – Charles Ulm successfully delivers the first airmail from Australia to New Zealand.

1943 - Australia (II) received a report of a Japanese landing on the south east shore of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Although subsequent investigations proved negative, it appeared likely that the Japanese were either establishing fuel caches for submarines or aircraft or both, or landing small parties of men as commandos or coast watchers.

1948 - Adelaide was ripped apart by a tremendous gale that saw roofs and trees ripped up, massive damage all over the shop and a mere 72 mm of cloud juice falling. The coastline was hardest hit with large pieces of the Glenelg and Brighton jetties swept away to sea, leaving one man stranded at the end of the Glenelg jetty who had to wait til for calmer waters the next day to be rescued.
Boats and ships were wrecked with the huge survey vessel HMAS Barcoo dragged from its anchorage and shoved ashore near Glenelg.

1951 - General MacArthur dismissed from command in Korea for the perception in Washington that he was too intemperate and likely to escalate the war.

1970 - HMAS Vendetta returns to Sydney; HMAS Vendetta was the only one of three Australian Daring class destroyers to serve on the gunline in Vietnamese waters. The ship served one tour.

1972 - The Melbourne Herald newspaper reported on  the historic meeting between 3 world-renown poets on a rainy beach, huddled together under a rusting iron shelter on Yirrkala Mission on the Gove Peninsula in NT ...beat poet Allen Ginsberg, modern Russian  poet Andrey  Voznesensky and talented artist and Yolngu man Wandjuk Marika.

1977 - Today saw rock musician Alice Cooper placed under house arrest in his hotel room immediately after his record-breaking Sydney concert for allegedly owing a promoter $59,000 for a tour the previous year...but when it came to light that the promoter had kinda sorta oops failed to live up to his side of the bargain, Alice Cooper was released to fly home to the States.

1982 - The second Australian BMX Championships were held at Waverly Victoria. The Open Mens class was won by Jamie Hales, 14 & Over girls was won by Christine Twomey. BMX racing was at its peak and Jamie Hales had become a house hold name with thanks to Wheat Bix putting his photo on the packaging as well as a collectable poster and cards.

1984 - The first baby in Oz developed from a frozen embryo was delivered in a hospital in Melbourne (and the world didn't fall apart).

1985 - The Westona to Laverton Railway Line (VIC) opened.

1987 - Aussie Michael Canci set a record with The Flying Disc of 186.83 metres, the only Open Australian World Record Holder.

1992 - Science News reported that an ancient tiny fossil tooth from a placental mammal had been discovered in New South Wales. This discovery overturned traditional belief that marsupials dominated the continent by default. The presence of the tiny tooth has proven to the scientific world that marsupials were forced to compete with placental mammals, resulting in the eventual extinction of the latter.

1995 - The Heywood to Mount Gambier Railway (narrow Gauge) line  (VIC) was shut for business.

2001 – Australia defeat American Samoa 31-0 in a 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifying game, an international record.

2008 - The first stab at a national broadband network, with equal access for metro and rural Australia kicked off today.

2010 - In Indonesia police arrested 6 terror suspects including Abu Musa (35), a suspect in the 2004 attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and Yusuf Arifin (25), who is said to have received militant training in the southern Philippines. The other four were wanted in connection with a failed plot to assassinate Indonesia's president last year.

2011 - Australia fined Japan Airlines (JAL) Aus$5.5 million (US$5.8 million) after the carrier admitted its role in a long-running cargo cartel case involving 15 airlines. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said JAL admitted to "making and giving effect to illegal price-fixing understandings with other international airlines" on fuel, insurance and security surcharges.

2014 - Australian PM Tony Abbott said search and rescue officials are confident they know the approximate position of the black box recorders from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, missing since March 8.

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  1. Love that those brazen hussies listed their other profession. And how lucky we are that the world hasn't (yet) fallen apart.