Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14

1823 - George Richardson, Robert Oldham, William Davis, and Ralph Churlton were hanged at Hobart for sheep-stealing.

1829 - E. Hayes, editor of The Australian, was fined and gaoled for six months for libelling Governor Ralph Darling.

1842 - The Bunya tree was declared off limits to white man due to its importance to the indigenous people. However, this was largely ignored and in 1860 revoked by the first Government of Queensland.

1847 - James Malcolm was hanged at the site of the crime, the Burswood Estate (Victoria Park, Perth)), for highway robbery and murder of Clark Gordon on 6 January 1847.

1852 - Thomas Wilmore was hanged at Goulburn Gaol for the murder of Phillip Alger in the Wellington District.

1858 – Francis Thomas Gregory lead an exploration in the Murchison-Gascoyne-Lyons region of Western Australia.

1860 - George Robertson, co-founder of Australia's largest bookseller, Angus and Robertson, was born.

1866 - James Crookwell, Bushranger, was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of Constable William Raymond in the Bargo Brush.

1870 - Gold was discovered near the present-day town of Gulgong, sparking a major goldrush.

1871 - James Fanning was hanged for the rape of 13 yo Mary Dawes on 24 November 1870 on the Albany Road. The first private execution and the last execution for rape in the (Perth) colony.

1871 - After serving six months in Beechworth Gaol for assaulting a hawker, Ned Kelly appeared in court soon after for stealing a horse. When it was shown Ned had been in gaol at the time the horse had disappeared, the charge was amended and he was instead convicted of 'receiving a stolen horse', for which he was given a three-year hard labour gaol sentence which he served in Pentridge Gaol. The borrower was his friend Isiah"Wild" Wright, who inexplicably received a sentence of only 18 months.

1874 - Copper miners at Wallaroo and Moonta, SA, return to work after striking over wage rates and conditions.

1875 - Jackey Clayson was an Aboriginal man hanged at Rockhampton Gaol for a rape at Palmerville

1876 - The Scallan's Hill to Stawell Railway Line (VIC) opened, a whole one long galloping mile.

1877 - Tightrope walker Harry L'Estrange walks across Sydney's Middle Harbour on a tightrope.

1885 – Orbost, Victoria was proclaimed a town.

1885 - Charles Watson was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of William Matthews at Wyadra, near Hillston.

1890 - Stow away the dinghy Uncle Cedric, the Queen's Bridge was opened in Melbourne.

1892 - Prohibition of bringing cheap labour from the Solomon Islands to Queensland lifted.

1894 - Dear clever Mr Quong Tart was reported in todays edition of Australian Town and Country Journal as travelling to China to visit his mother in Canton and to open up trade relations with China, particularly in regards to Australian wool -
"... It has often been predicted that China will one day enter the arena of the world's commerce as a manufacturer of textile fabrics..."

1902 - Albert Edward McNamara was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for arson causing death of his young son Bert at Carlton.

1903 - Thomas Moore was hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol for the rape and murder of 10-year-old Janet Irene Smith at Leichhardt(now Haberfield).

1909 - The Bankstown Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Belmore to Bankstown.

1909 - The Gwabegar Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Mudgee to Gulgong.

1913 - Quan Sing, a general store owner in Derby, WA, had multiple issues with the law of the land in his day; despite having born in Hong Kong (and therefore classified as a natural born British subject) he'd had his alcohol license and permits to employ Aboriginals revoked, and had been prosecuted in the courts for continuing to employ 'natives' in 1913 he again wrote to the Attorney General requesting the reinstatement of his permit as he urgently needed to employ an Aboriginal woman to assist his wife who was pregnant with their 7th child.
His request was again denied.

1924 - Angus Murray (real name Henry Donnelly) was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Thomas Berriman at Glenferrie Station.

1925 - The rural areas were crying out for labour so the Big Brother scheme was launched today that saw the immigration of child migrants from Britain to Oz, with the first lads arriving in Melbourne on the ship Jervis Bay in December of that same year.

1929 - At St Patrick's Catholic Church in Gympie Archbishop Duhig dedicated newly installed stained glass windows placed where in the gables where the transepts were to have been extended. These windows were dedicated to the remembrance of the Catholic Emancipation and in particular to a key figure in the struggle, Daniel O'Connell.
Archbishop Duhig also laid the foundation stone for the new convent, commemorating the centenary of the Sisters of Mercy and the Jubilee of their arrival in Gympie.

1933 - Bert Hinkler's cousin, Mrs Lores Bonney, proved the female of the species was just as good in the air when she took off from Darwin to become the first gal to wing it from Oz to the Old Dart.

1937 - A consortium of blokes got their noggins together and both leased a spot of grass on the outskirts of Surfers Paradise for £11 AND registered on this day the Greater Southport Golf Club.
Their wives breathed a sigh of relief to have them out from under their feet.

1941 - Second attack against Tobruk by Afrika Korps failed.

1949 - Suspicious of the soy chai decaf latte gluten-free sour-dough multigrain loaves kicking about a Royal Commission to inquire into and report upon the effects of the organization and practices of the bread industry in Victoria was established.

1950 - Former Victorian Premier Sir Albert Arthur Dunstan dropped off the perch.
1962 - New council chambers were opened in Brooweena (QLD) by Jack Pizzey, the Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly for Isis.
Not 'that' Isis.
*sigh* Now I suppose the lovely ladies from ASIO are casting their baby blues over this blog.
Isis was an electoral district in QLD.

1969 - Baked bean growers were weeping buckets when natural gas was connected to Melbourne homes.

1969 - The Victoria Bridge sweeping over the Brisbane River was flung open to motorists on this day.

1971 - The first state to officially form a Master track and field club was South Australia on this day.

1973 - Globe Derby Park at Bolivar was opened on this day with 16,000 people attending the first night program of seven races. A 'Lady of Fashion' competition was held and the evening was considered to be a great success. The new Park replaced the old and inadequate Wayville track and gave a new lease of life to trotting in South Australia which had been in the doldrums for some years.

1981 - The Human Rights Act was ratified by Oz,
Someone wanna send a memo to the Big Two political parties in Canberra cos I think they've forgotten.
1985 - Tropical Cyclone Gretel (Cat 2) felled a large number of trees in Darwin but there was minimal structural damage.

1986 - The winning entry was selected for the design of a flag for the Australian territory of Christmas Island.

1986 – The second trial of former Attorney-General of Australia and High Court judge Lionel Murphy began in Sydney; accused of attempting to pervert justice, he was eventually acquitted.

1991 - BHP Petroleum began federal court action against the Greenpeace environmental group.

1995 - The Linton Jct to Ararat Railway Line (VIC) was RUDELY closed.
Although it was reopened to passenger services 9 years later in July 2004.

1997 - The All Seasons Darwin Central hotel was opened in Smith Street on the former site of the Darwin Post Office on the corner of Smith and Knuckey Streets.

1999 - A supercell dumped hail and wreaked havoc on Sydney, Australia. It produced an estimated 500,000 tons of hail and insurers were hit with 1.7 billion dollars in claims. It was monetarily the costliest event in Australia's history. Fortunately only 50 injuries were reported, but one fisherman did perish in the storm.

2000 - The High Court ruled that 500 Kosavo refugees must return to their homeland some 12 months after their arrival in Australia.

2002 - Glenn Murcutt, Australian architect, was selected as the winner of the Pritzker Architectural Prize.

2005 - Amanda Vanstone, Australia’s immigration minister, said Australia would take in 140,000 immigrants in 2005-06, the biggest number for 35 years.

2005 - Australian authorities seized some 5 million ecstasy tablets and arrested 4 men in what they said was the biggest ever haul of the party drug anywhere in the world.

2009 - Sunshine Coast Railway Line (QLD) 13.7 km (8.5 mi) of track north of Caboolture station to Beerburrum station has been doubled and straightened, along with the upgrading of Elimbah and Beerburrum stations. Construction work began in 2007, and the project was commissioned on this day.

2010 - The Sydney Star Observer reported that a gay couple from rural NSW had become the first people to successfully privately sue under HIV vilification laws. The couple were awarded $10,000 by the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, for the emotional toll they experienced after former friends threatened to shoot them and began telling town members they had AIDS.

2010 - Australian police arrested a Chinese ship captain and senior officer and charged them with damaging the Great Barrier Reef, more than a week after their coal carrier ran aground and tore a two-mile (three km) gash in the protected area.

2010 - An Australia officials said swarms of locusts have infested a huge area of eastern Australia, roughly the size of Spain, ravaging farmland following recent floods.

2011 - A magnitude 5.2 earthquake was recorded 60 km west of Bowen (QLD), the state's largest since 1935. There were no reports of injuries or damage. Five months later, a 4.1 magnitude tremor hit the area, which was linked to the initial quake.

2012 - Indonesian authorities said they had found a boat reported missing en route to Australia and that some 60 asylum seekers it was carrying were believed to have fled. The mostly Afghan asylum seekers on board made a distress call to Australia on April 11, saying they were in rough seas and their boat was sinking.

2014 - Australian search crews sent a robotic submarine deep into the Indian Ocean for the first time to begin scouring the seabed for the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 after no signals from its black boxes were detected for six days.


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