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February 17 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1803 - Matthew Flinders met up with some Malay Praus (ships) from Macassar near Cape Arnhem and discovered that there were 60 ships trading with the Aboriginal people as they fished for trepang and that this was a very long established practice. [1]

1805 - Thomas Brown, a free settler, was sent to the Parramatta gaol for striking an Aborigine [sic]. [2]

1815 - Thomas Hassall reported that the ‘Cundorah’ (Gundungurra) had attacked Macarthur’s farm at Camden. [3]

1816 - The Sydney Gazette shared on its front page that the first Ceylonese family banished to Australia had arrived on board HM Kangaroo. [4]

1846 - The free Aborigines on Flinders Island in Bass Strait wrote a petition addressed to Queen Victoria concerning the mistreatment of indigenous people. [5]

1848 - The magnificent Mater of Henry Lawson, Louisa Lawson, was pupped today. [6]

1873 - There was Russian-phobia running amok in both Oz and NZ, but the editor of the Daily Southern Cross newspaper used his imagination to cook a hoax about the supposed Russian invasion of Auckland from the ship Kaskowiski (cask of whisky) who nabbed the gold and the Mayor. [7]

1881 - The Taranaki Herald was being very diplomatic when it quietly announced that the Aussies had been knocked over after a pitiful 154 runs (and no sandpaper in sight!). [8]

1885 - Author of a somewhat dubious tome about Aboriginal people Daisy Bates was a little absent-minded today when she got legally hitched to John Bates, a drover.
I say absent-minded as she seems to have forgotten that she was already married to Breaker Morant.
S'ok, she had another brain fart 4 months later and got married for a 3rd time. [9]

1942 - Margaret Lilian Jeffrey, NSW Policewoman, was commended by Police Commissioner William MacKay for the capable and tactful manner with which she had treated a woman who was assaulted on the North Coast mail train in the previous September. [10]

1958 - At a meeting in Adelaide, activists from all mainland states formed a national pressure group: the Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement (FCAA). Its goal was the achievement of 'equal citizens' rights' for Aboriginal Australians. The first two goals of this new body were:

1. Repeal of all legislation, federal and state, which discriminated against the Aborigines.
2. Amendment to the Commonwealth Constitution to give the Commonwealth government power to legislate for Aborigines as with all other citizens. [11]

1965 - The Freedom Rides reached Boggabilla, on the border between the homes of the Bigambul and Gamilaraay people.
“We went around and spoke to a lot of people. Many of them told us that the manager had told them not to answer our questions, but they intended to do so anyway.” 
 Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides
“The houses were weatherboard and very overcrowded. There was not water on, but the river water was taken to taps in the yard. There was no gas or anything, and no electricity (I think). Very often there weren't windows and doors.”
Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides
“We heard some terrible stories such as the fact that the police came in the houses without knocking whenever they liked, to find out who had been drinking. Also they "did what they liked with the women".” 
 Ann Curthoys' diary from the Freedom Rides [12]

1965 - The Canberra Times [13] and Sydney Morning Herald [14] reported on the Freedom Ride bus crash in which a truck had run the bus off the road after two unsuccessful attempts.

1965 - Thirty Aboriginal school children were allowed entry to the Moree swimming pool after Sydney University students protested against racism. The university students were members of the Action for Aborigines Council led by Charles Perkins. [15]

1987 - The Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Family Community Care Centre Inc. aka Abcare was incorporated on this day. [16]

1990 - Today saw the Oh So Fabulously Wonderful Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras flouncing its frilly bits in all of her technicolour glory.
Featuring the first ever Mardi Gras Fair Day held in Glebe’s Jubilee Park it attracted 1,000 people and featured the first Dog Show plus touch football, mud wrestling and a meet-and-greet with the Dykes on Bikes. [17]

1999 -  The Townsville, ATSIC Regional Council, called for ‘urgent action’ by the police and the State Government in a bid to prevent more attacks on Aboriginal people in Townsville parks before someone died. [18]
2002 - Alisa Camplin won gold in the women's aerial skiing contest. [19]

2010 - We lost the magnificent songstress, Aunty Ruby Hunter. [20]

2014 - Peaceful protests by asylum seekers detained in the Manus Island facility turned into a violent riot. Security guards and police stormed the facility attacking asylum seekers, including people who had not been involved in the protests. One asylum seeker, Reza Berati, was beaten to death and over 60 others were injured, some of them seriously. [21]

2014 - Dental staff and services commenced on this day at Armajun Aboriginal Health Service Inc, NSW. [22]
























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  1. Marrying three times in a matter of months seems like a serious case of insanity to me rather than a brain fart.
    Sent to jail for striking an aboriginie? He must have felt totally victimised.
    One of the people I volunteer with was at Sydney's first Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - and every one since.