Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I was going to post some pics but as I could prepare and cook a dozen batches of scones, milk the cow then separate the cream followed by churning the butter in the time it took to upload a pic tonight....I'll give you a raincheck and promise a photo soon-ish.

It's Flying Saucer Day.
I'll be celebrating when the Mothershp finally returns for me...

1854 The yellow rocks at Ararat and Maryborough were excited beyond compare when they were officially Discovered! and Put On The Map! when many men rushed to embrace them and whisper sweet nothings in their golden ears....

1880 O Canada was performed for the first time at a banquet in Quebec City.
Learn more about the National Anthem of Canada HERE.
Or check out the O Canada Shop HERE !
Are you tempted yet, Elizabeth?

1905 The New Zealand Truth hit the streets; brought across the ditch by Aussie John Norton who had launched the Oz version with Sydney Truth in 1890 and other similar publications in subsequent years.

1905 An unseasonably warm spell saw the snow melt earlier than usual and cause the Waimakiriri River to break its banks and undermine the rail track at Chaney's, near Kaiapoi, which saw the Christchurch to Rangiora train become derailed with the death of two passengers.
*Was a bit sus on this one but followed Lisa's method and checked Papers Past to confirm it*

1927 The Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres was officially opened.
This Memorial names 56,000 Allied troops reported as lost in the battles near Ypres in WW1.

1978 The Australian newspaper flashed its pink feathers and published a feature story on gay rights.

1978 At the stroke of 10am 500 bodies marched down George St to Martin Place to protest sexual repression of gay people and to remember the Stonewall Riots in USA.

1978 At 10pm what became the first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras travelled down Oxford st then drifted over to Kings Cross where the crowd of happy campers swelled to 2,000.
Spoil sport police arrested 53 people in Darlinghurst Rd.

2004 The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom was founded in the Coral Seas Islands with the leader named as Emperor Dale I.
*some sources say 14th others say 24th but the homophobic nutters will choke on either date*


  1. "I'll be celebrating when the Mothershp finally returns for me..."

    I knew I recognised your photograph a couple of weeks ago. Gonzo in the Muppets in Space movie!

  2. Shhhhhhhhhhh!
    Don't let anyone else know, ok?

  3. I love watching the G&L march on TV. The costumes are fantastic.
    Flying Saucer Day? What a coincidence. Today I watched ET.

  4. LOL River, the extra testicle? :P