Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frugal Food and tips Chook Frames

Went for a wander down Bentleigh way and had a sticky beak in Ritchies IGA store there.
Found a bargain with umpteen packets of chicken frames (4 to a pack) marked down to 99 cents despite the fact their use-by date was 30th June.
Chicken frames are basically chook carcasses that are left over when every possible cut of meat has been removed, but where there is plenty of meat still on there to create stews, soups, stock, etc.
I restrained myself to a single packet of the frames.

I tossed the chook frames into a large pot of water and simmered it for an hour or 2 last night and let it cool since then.
I'll scoop any fat off the top of the water - as it cools any fat rises to the surface and sets,making it easy to remove- then chop the meat off the bones, chuck in the packet of mushrooms I got for a bank busting $1, the fresh soup packet (spud, onion, carrots, parsnip, turnip, celery) that set me back $1, a handful of beans ($2 for a 2 kg bag) and snow peas ($1 for a 2kg bag) a bit of herbs and spices and all things nices, taste test to see what's missing, bung in a bit of the other and Bob's your uncle Aunty George.
It can be served as soup or thickened to become stew, served with fluffy mashed spud.
To fluff the mashed spud whisk with a fork while adding a little extra milk.
All up I spent $6 with enough left over in the way of beans and snow peas to do at least another 4 meals.
The pot of soup/stew will feed 4 people for at least 3 meals, depending how many go back for second helpings.
Can't figure out the maths at the moment as I'm trying to co-ordinate my Dad getting brekkie, Feral Beast opening his eyes to get out of bed, The Spouse to shift his big toe out from under the doona and the dogs out of the bed.
*and Blogger is being a mongrel by not posting my posts when I schedule them*


  1. "The Spouse to shift his big toe out from under the doona..."

    He has a duvet just for his big toe?

  2. Brian, get out of my head.

    Chicken on the menu here too, but it's stir-fry.

  3. I said it's his big toe, Brian :P

    Nice, River!

  4. It's midsummer here but even so the chicken stew sounds delish ... and it's never the wrong time of year for mash as far as I'm concerned!
    It does my heart good to read that you're using up chicken carcasses. I was horrified to see a Jamie Oliver programme last year where several women said that, yes, they roast chickens, but only use the breast meat. ...The rest is *thrown away*!!!! Aaarrrrggghhh.