Friday, June 26, 2009

Frugal Foods and recipe Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Ok, the other day we had the pot with the 4 chook frames jostling away comfortably in their warm bath, remember?
Then I stripped the meat from the bones and tossed it into another pot, chopped up the mushies and a red onion ( coz the bag of red onions was only $1 and they look good) and covered with chicken stock to simmer for an hour or 2.
The Spouse had bought a packet of risotto (marked down to 50cents) and I dozed on the couch until it was almost Time Team time.
Too late for mashed spud, so I grabbed the risotto packet and cooked it up with the stock from the pot, added in some Parmesen cheese, black pepper and the chook, mushies and onion then served on a plate with Grissini sticks ($1.80 per packet at the wholesalers).
Dad scraped his plate clean as did FB.
They will get an elephant stamp tomorrow.


  1. Absolutely Yumm!! I shall jott this one down on one of my little recipe cards from my recipe box :)

  2. Was yummy and stick-to-the-ribs good stuff, Cazzie.
    Plus cheap and easy (just like me some would say lol).