Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I is sleepy....

 Exciting times, dear reader!
The chooks have almost cleaned up the weeds in the garden.
The fur-baby canine has learnt to suffer the Dutch Ovening that happens when *someone* eats Granny Smith apples.
And the eldest Fruit of My Loins has moved back home for a little while.

1849 Maori road workers in Evans went on strike, the first industrial action in Canterbury, due to the verbal abuse they received.

1908 The first crossing of Oz by motor Vehicle (or That Fecking Noisy Horseless Carriage) was started on this day when Murray Aunger and H.H Dutton tooted off from Adelaide in a Talbot car to arrive in Darwin on August 20th.

The Pride of my Tribe has moved back home to get away from a bad share house situation, 'nuff said.
No, there was no dead guy with a felafel in his hand but it almost smelt that way.
We've installed her in the back bedroom sans the bolt and padlock on the door....was tempting but then I'd just have to listen to her whine about how she was missing work.

1939 The New Zealand Listener, a current affairs and entertainment weekly magazine (somewhat akin to the now extinct Bulletin) was birthed on this day with radio license holders getting free copies.
For more info click HERE.

1975 In The Shaky Isles Television Two began blathering into people's lounge rooms with the first female newsreader in the Commonwealth, Jennie Goodwin.

The Future Son In Law has moved back home to his mother but I've been promised he shall visit often and eat just as much as usual.
Better stock up on herds of beef....

1978 Approx. 600 good bodies marched in Melbourne and Brisvegas to protest the arrests in Sydney at Mardi Gras.

1999 Leader of the National Party and Deputy PM Tim Fischer announced his sudden retirement from politics for his son who had been diagnosed with Autism.
Bless his cotton socks, Tim is a mad keen train fan, hosting the fab radio show The Great Train Show, and proved how he had a pair of stainless steel balls when he admited in an interview that he, too, has Autism.

2005 Spain legalised both same sex marriage and adoption.
The world didn't turn gay overnight and heterosexual marriages still manage to fall apart all on their own without any help from same sex couples.
Golly gosh.


  1. I didn't know that about Tim Fischer. One of his children has a disability I think. I miss the Great Train Show. Damn Rome.

  2. Tim Fisher is an impressive real person - they need a few more in politics (the real bits).

    Share house horror stories - such a pity your firstborn had to experience one, but the bright side is she will appreciate much morely her mum!!

    BTW - bling on mine for you.

  3. Yeah, same here, Andrew.
    Trains (and us) are far more important than Rome, hmph!

    Sh does already, Jeanie, LOL, might have something to do with the hot water bottles in her bed ;)

  4. Tim Fisher is a great bloke.

    ...and there's no place like home ;)

  5. Herds of beef? Just how big is your yard anyway?? Or do you mean dead beefs? And giant freezer.

  6. Exactly, Amanda lol.

    Dead beefs, River, and I'll need a giant freezer on the shopping list, thanks for the reminder ;)