Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prisoner, Matron and Coppers, Oh My!

I came across a reference to a coal miner, trapped in a colliery accident on this day in history, who was forced to use his axe (that he just happened to have handy with him in a coal mine?) to chop his trapped arm off.
I'm thinking that's going to take a bit more than a kiss from his mum to make it all better.
So, I went hunting for it in the Newspapers Beta archive *sigh* no luck so I can't regale you with more blood and gore.
But I did find this -
Yes, there's many a nurse who's had the urge to Tontine a patient....or co-worker.
There's a good reason why HR have their offices so far from the wards....

And there's a big clue right there in the first line.
But they have yet to upload the articles dealing with her trial - I have no idea if she got off (justifiable homicide, Your Honour) or if she's still bargaining with the screws , a little Lizzie Birdsworth cackling at the fresh meat new inmates and wtf did she use as a weapon, a bedpan?
What was her motive?
What was her uniform like and did her shoes pinch?
Oh I shall be in agony until I get the answers to these questions.
Or a slab of dark Club chocolate, whichever gets here first.

1860 25 camels graced the port of Melbourne with their presence when they pitched up to assist silly old Burke and Wills on their Sunday stroll.

1860 Potatau Te Wherowhero, the first Maori king, passed away.
For more information click HERE.

1926 Beryl Mills of WA jumped for joy (in the minimalistic, sedate way she'd been trained to portray as a Young Leddy) when she was announced as the very first Miss Australia.
Flossing with a g-string was not on the menu for Beryl.

1943 -

Titivating institutions indeed, Matron!
1943 -

I'm guessing they wouldn't be interested in super sizing their cheeseburger....?

1978 A vigil was held outside the Darlinghurst cop shop to bail those arrested at the first Mardi Gras on the previous evening.


  1. "And there's a big clue right there in the first line."

    I've known a few people in my time whose names have been more than suitable for their jobs. There used to be a bloke round the corner from us who ran a fishing tackle shop called Charlie Bait. (Seriously...I wouldn't make something like that up.) We also had Grimes the butchers (who's bacon butties, remarkably, were not as awful as his surname suggested). Then was our local M.P. Mr. Moneygrabbingtwat...or was that a dream I had?

  2. Tontine as a it.

  3. Tontine as a it.

  4. A 'looney' killed Charles HAROLD BISHOP.

    Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of watching "Neighbours" has wanted to do Harold Bishop a serious mischief.

  5. You've got to wonder if people gravitate towards careers suggested by their surname...or if they're just unimaginative, Brian :P

    A very important verb, Andrew, and one that should be in the OED ;)

    I saw that, too, yet he's still here, Anja - proving Harold is one of the undead!

  6. I used to have an orthodontist called Chin Yap.

    Looking up optometrist recently, I saw if I lived in a nearby town I could go and see Mr See.

    But yes, whoever hired Nurse Looney for a Mental Hospital was asking for trouble.