Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wanted : Hugh Jackman, butter optional

Click all pictures to read larger image.

Because doesn't everyone have a Box Dray sitting idle these days?

Watch your step for the Echidna Love Trains.

No staunch a mother-in-law who's best angle is seen through the shafts of a dray, though....

It's also Chocolate Pudding Day....yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Celebrate by baking some of these delicious self-saucing choccy pudds.
It's only breaking the diet if you lick the mixing bowl and beaters, ok?

What is a staircase hand, please?

1860 Stuart got attacked by Aboriginals so the big jessie turned on his heel from trying to cross the isle of Oz from South to North and went back to where he came from.

Oh, they'll be advertising for a sober lad for awhile....

1880 A Haiku of Oz History -
Kelly Gang,
Aaron Sherritt,
police informer,

With the right estate agent you could sub-let the stables... some of those tenants make horses look clean

1958 NZ's Labour Govt passed the 'Black Budget' which raised taxes on petrol, tobacco and grog.
Blood from a stone.

Yes, I want work for just enough time in your home to seduce your son and heir....

1958 The USA base at Christchurch Airport was established for Operation Deep Freeze.
Click the pretty coloured letters to find out.
Go on, you know you want to.

Yes, playing doctors and nurses has been around for awhile now...

1978 300 people protested outside the Liverpool Courthouse where those arrested from the first Mardi Gras were being seen to, when 7 protesters were banged up by the cops.
The Herald newspaper published the names, addresses and employment details of every person arrested at Mardi Gras.

Praise the Goddess, someone was hoping for a miracle!

Lisa from Timespanner sent me a great link to a site showing then and now pics of the beautiful train stations in America that have been destroyed.
Have a gander HERE.


  1. No they didn't. I had to squint.

    So a dray is a wagon but what's a Sydney box dray... in 10 words or less.

  2. A dray was more a flat cart with little or no sides.
    A Sydney Box Dray has sides to enclose the dray/cart.
    A pic of a dray
    and a pic of a box cart

  3. Sorry if the pics didn't come out bigger!

  4. A Haiku of Oz History


    You are branching out! :P

    It will be 'fuck you Haiku' a la Evil next! lol

  5. Oh yes, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Jayne, you can do it. We need more fuck you, haiku.

  6. Butter is never an option. It's a necessity. Heating it along with the honey makes the body slathering so much easier.

  7. Now you're just trying to make me hurt my brain, B and Anja :P

    Excellent, River, I'll get some in for when Hugh drapes himself over my toast ;)

  8. I'll send you a recipe for chocolate pudding you do in the microwave in a coffee cup..quick, easy and delicious...
    And if could have my Hugh with Vegemite that would be better, cos I don't want the ants to get him

  9. Glad to help broaden agricultural history, Elizabeth lol ;)

    LOL Mo, Hugh in Vegemite would be interesting!

  10. Sweetie, Hugh in ANYTHING would be interesting
    *wiping drool from chin*

  11. Or Hugh in nothing now I come to think about it!!