Friday, July 17, 2009

18th July Did You Know...?

...that stuff happened.
Yes, it did.
It happened on the this day, the day before this day and the day after this day.
Up until midnight and beyond.
Amazing, huh?

1855 Get up close and personal with some Kiwi philately, boys and girls.
Yes, The Land of The Long Twilight had its first postage stamps on sale to the hoi polloi.
And Philatelists.exclaim

1881 What eventually became Sydney's Prince Henry's Hospital started life as a sanitary camp at Little Bay for those suffering during a small pox epidemic.
Gotta love the desperation born from pestilence!

1884 Ferdinand von Hochstetter, who led the way when he studied and wrote about NZ's geology, passed beyond The Shakey Isles.
Read more about his life HERE.

1924 George Michael...(Gotta have faith)...Prendergast slipped into the slinky yet silky styled mantle of Premier of Victoria.
Ner ner, made you guess then razz.

1966 Playschool dipped its round window into the turbid airwaves of telly when it debuted on the ABC in Oz.


  1. there's a great word that we don't hear so often as I would wish!

  2. It sums up so many things, Maddy...including some people I used to know lol.

  3. I agree with Maddy. Pestilence is such a great word.

  4. Pestilence... just rolls off the tongue :)

    This history stuff keeps happening.

  5. It's a word I often use tacked onto "my spouse is full of..."