Monday, July 13, 2009

3 samples of why Oz will never have a Black History Month like USA

1905 The King Edward Barracks in Christchurch, which did service as town hall, dance hall and all-rounder for each civic turn out, was begun to be built, with the industrious chippies and builders finishing the job in 25 days.
Can't get workers like that these days!
For a pic of it being built click HERE.

Some items Feral Beast unearthed in his studies today.
I imagine most of you will feel as sickened as we are.

1916 Vivian Walsh was the first to obtain a pilot's licence whilst residing ( ohh, doesn't that sound salubrious?) in the country known as New Zealand (must be read with a plum jammed into your cheek for best results).
To find out more about Mr Walsh and his brother who trained at least 100 pilots who saw combat in WW1 click HERE and HERE.


1945 Ben Chifley took on the mantle of Aussie PM, the 16th silly bugger to do so.
More about grand old Ben HERE.

Goodness, Mr O'Conor, you mean to say your parish priest/minister wasn't preaching from the pulpit to encourage you to act like the sonofabitch you were?
Golly gosh, how about that.
And they in their ivory towers wonder why there's such a high rate of illiteracy.
Truly dumb.


  1. *applause*

    What upsets me is that this crap is still going on in some areas of australia, with a very careful blind eye turned by the authorities. Shops where anyone deemed 'indigenous' has to stay outside and order from the counter, for example.

  2. I don't doubt it, Nomes, if anyone can get away with grinding another into the dirt to make themselves feel good, they will.

  3. Don't we all just adore how some grubby little snots had been subjected to insults from the 'blacks'? And I am sure that the little snots have never uttered the word 'coon' or 'boong' in their lives.

  4. it's a pity those bastards don't know how to pay the price for their stupidity

  5. WA has a very very large indigenous population. I started primary school in 1969 (gulp) and we always had mixed classes even back then.

  6. Bloody Colour Lines. They're PEOPLE for heaven's sake! Just like you and me. Think how far we could have all progressed if all children could have been educated together right from the beginning.

  7. Oh, no, Anja, complete little innocents they'd be, for sure..../sarcasm.

    I know how you feel, Amanda.

    They're long dead and buried, B, their Karma is waiting for them, though.

    Thankfully the 1967 referendum changed some things, Rhubarb, or was it like that before then ?

    That's the thing, River, commonsense and morals were lacking right from the start.

  8. Interesting post. I've been looking in periodically for a while.

    Yes, this sort of treatment does still go on. The prime example has been the NT Intervention and the BasicsCard, targeted solely at Indigenous people on a limited number of reserves. Now, the Federal Govt has expanded it's coverage to anyone in the NT on welfare to get around issues with the Racial Discrimination Act. A convenient smoke screen. A disproportionate number of those on welfare up there are black, but once it's rolled out across the country, it will affect many non-blacks as well.