Wednesday, July 1, 2009

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 gottles of gear....*hic*

One is considerably excited as one's Bois are arriving in Melbourne on July 17th.
Yes, again!
One shall be galivanting all over the shop and behaving in a manner better suited to a tipsy groupie of somewhat younger years but, honestly, who gives a fat rats' clacker if I behave or not?
One is planning one's social downfall (for the umpteenth time) in glorious technicolour for the tabloid entertainment splashy spread.
Don't worry, I'll save you a copy if you happen to be out of the country that month.....

1851 A shepherd couldn't help but brag about the gold shiny stuff he found near Ballaarat (no, not a spelling error)  and, woops, there goes the neighbourhood.
And that, boys and girls, is why you should only entrust your deepest darkest secrets to your pet Nanny goat.

Seriously, this could be the answer to so many footy teams' desperate prayers...

1938 The Wellington trains were electrified!
No, seriously, a sparky time was had by all.
More HERE.

Through an unfortunate misprint in 1926 flipping the birdie took on a life of it's own in men's fashion circles....

1965 Victorian secondary school teachers hadn't had a decent strike since 1920.
So, they ended the drought.
Probably with psychadelic funk on the record player, some lurve beads draped about their necks and some patchouli oil stinking up the street; those school kids had no idea what they were missing.

I'm impressed.
In my day nurses only presented half-full bed pans...where did this lot pull the white marble from?!
2006 Ngati Toa was given the Big Rejection by the Intellectual Property Office when they tried to trade mark the Haka as performed by the All Blacks.
But earlier this year they succeeded.

With men fully occupied in what comes out of their hen's backsides it leaves no room for war mongering of any description...


  1. Patchouli oil! One of my teachers used to wear it all the time - and another always smelt of rose water. It's amazing the things we remember. Now that I think about it, they were probably masking the smell of fags, drugs or gin!

  2. "In my day nurses only presented half-full bed pans...where did this lot pull the white marble from?!"

    Would you really want to be carting around marble bed pans?

  3. LOL, I sang that song just yesterday! I was walking oast a Drive Thru Bottle Shop and sighted the attendant handing in two bottles of beer through a car window. My kids laughed when I sang the song... jeez..we sang it in Grade Prep at school...imagine the outcry today if they were to sing it at school... so Politicaly Incorrect..blah! At least we learnt to count, lol.

  4. "patchouli oil stinking up the streets"

    Oh how I hate that stuff!! It stuffs up my sinuses triggering a migraine and chokes my throat and chest which starts me coughing so that I need to haul out my inhaler and have a puff at the ventolin.
    Several of my customers wear it and when I backed away from one once and explained the problems I had from the scent, she actually apologised and said she'd not wear it to the store again. It's not so bad if they just wear a hint of scent, but those who slather it on really do me in.
    About your behaving badly? I personally couldn't care less. It's your life and you should enjoy the company of your friends and family however you see fit. Or unfit, as the case may be.
    99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.

  5. Probably masking all three, Scott LOL ;)

    Yep, I always wanted to offer to shove some Michaelangelo where the sun didn't shine, B :P

    PMSL Oh certainly, Cazzie, they'd have conniptions!

    I shall misbehave with great aplomb, then, River, but sans patchouli oil ;)