Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brain in melt down, send spare!

Feral Beast has another assignment due, computer has been taken over, updates will be a tad late until my brain works again.
Have taken to drinking coffee....with MILK again.
Send chocolate ...please?


  1. Sending truckloads of dark cocoa chocolate.

  2. Heck - I will make you brownies but the catch is you have to come and get them...

  3. Understanding the need for chocolate.

  4. I would send chocolate, as requested, but I don't have your address.
    I would send images of chocolate, but I don't have your email address.
    I'll eat the chocolate and say your name with each piece. Okay?

  5. Ooooo yum, WS!!!

    That sounds like the perfect excuse to run away to sanity, Jeanie!

    Yes, Anja.
    Just pour sugar down my gullet ;)

    Oh, alright, River, I'll let ya do it this once lol.

  6. Sorry Jayne the chocolate didn't make it as far as the mailbox.
    I remembered ours is so inferior to your so I ate it rather than disappoint.

  7. I'm trying to shove the chocolate down through the modem but it is just making Leechboy very upset.

    Perhaps I shall eat it for you instead :D

  8. LOL that's a fair sacrifice for you to make, Elizabeth ;)

    Modems have an aversion to chocolate, Marita, probably best that you clean it up lol ;)