Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrate, peoples ! It's CHOCOLATE DAY!

It's Chocolate Day today!!!!'s actually tomorrow but as there's nothing else happening and it's Chocolate! we're talking about here I figured we could probably do justice to the Chocolate! celebrations by spreading them out over 2 Chocolate! days.

1835 The wild white escapee, William Buckley, met up with Chocolate! John Batman and his mates at Indented Head in Port Phillip.

1923 The North Island Main Trunk railway line experienced a fatal collision when the Auckland- Wellington Express rounded a bend and hit a landslip.
More details and info HERE.

1943 Darwin was bombed...again.

1945 Forde was sworn in as the care-taker PM on the sudden death of John Curtin.

1964 Malawi became independent from Britain.
Such a roaring success that's been, too, eh?
Just ask the orphans Madge hasn't yet adopted....

1973  With 60 women in attendance the Radicalesbian Conference got underway in Sorrento, Victoria.
Sorry, was that the redneck up Rye back beach choking on his Chocolate! weeties...?

1985 A Chocolate! UFO was seen near Chocolate! Stonehenge with Chocolate! crop circles found shortly afterwards.
Damn bloody Chocolate! extra terrestrials and their poor hearing.
I said "Pick me up in 5" not "Pick me up in 1985".
Been stuck here since Neanderthals discovered a use for cow dung and there's still some blokes wandering about today who have not the foggiest.....

Flappers were very prone to sniffles as they refused to wear long johns under their frocks.


  1. hmm - when is complete obsession day!!

    BTW - I know not on the right post, but we actually paused Pulp Fiction so we could get our Rockwiz fix this week.

  2. Chocolate, you say? I have an excuse to eat my own body weight in chocolate? Eeeeeeeeexcellent

  3. As if I needed an excuse ...well now I don't thankyou Jayne :) off to find some chocolate to celebrate with.

  4. ZOMG!!!!!!

    How did I know know about this!!!!!

  5. LOL Jeanie!

    Shall I see Jaffa's winging their way to your place, Anja?

    LOL Trish, good to hear ;)

    Now you do, B, and two days worth as decreed by moi :P

  6. Chocolate day?! Thank goodness I saw this post before it was over. I'd have hated to miss out.

  7. You have to remember that most extra terrestrials don't appear to have ears, so if you want to be picked up in 5, you have to put it in writing.
    Mmmm, chocolate.
    Love the flappers picture. I remember being that thin, but with boobs.

  8. It's running for 2 days so you'll have to make up for today tomorrow, MD ;)

    Sign language works well with them, too, River lol.

  9. Obviously this is why in inhaled about 100 g of chocolate in one sitting yesterday....