Monday, July 20, 2009

Devotion to Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French

The eldest female offspring adores loves worships Brit comedians Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French; so much so that when I didn't finish reading Dawn's autobiography Dear Fatty fast enough for daughter to borrow she bought her own copy.
She went to see their show last night and waited around for over an hour to see them backstage to get them to "bless" her boobs.
She asked Jennifer to sign the left one but she accidentally signed the right one to which the daughter stated,
"Oh that's ok, that's the fat one and you're Fatty after all,"
French and Saunders were peeing themselves at that, wiping up tears.
So, if they make a comment about some nutter fan naming her boobs after Dawn and Jennifer....


  1. Now that there is a picture to frame and hang on the wall :)

  2. Awesome picture. Awesome boobies!!!

  3. Smitten here... (the oldest one with the breasts never to be washed)

    the fact is, i was blessed in a way that only they could...

    in the name of the Dawn, and the Jeniffer, and in the Holy Comedy... AMEN.

  4. I'm going to see them very soon. Can't wait.

  5. I was there and I can confirm that her breasts were laughed at. Oh, wait... umm... her comments about her breasts were laughed at! GO THE COMEDY TITS!

  6. Priceless ...(and G-orgeous girl!)

    Now me wants a pic of Jayne as well (says she who hasn't put her own pic on her own blog)..

  7. "the one with the breasts never to be washed"
    So I'm guessing they didn't use "permanent" marker?
    Nice photo, and a story to tell the grandchildren.

  8. I had to give away $320 worth of tickets to F&S because of the trip - sounds like it was great!

  9. LOL Amanda, there was a pic of moi a few posts doubles as the new centre for a darts board :P

    I'll be tattling it in the nursing home to all and sundry, River lol.

    Apparently it was a fantastic night, Scott!

    Jen, she is still talking about the great time she had :)