Monday, July 6, 2009

Food, weight loss & exercise, oops don't mention the war, Basil!

Was reading The Hun about how kids are ripe for diabetes and strokes by the age of 14 (click HERE to read article) but, shhhh, don't tell anyone I mentioned it in case a rude reader has a hissy fit, again.
On my daily walk from Oakleigh to Carnegie (oh noez. my stalker will figure out what suburb I live in. tsk) I inhaled so many delicious cooking smells - yes, at 9am- I swear I breathed in the kilos.
Goodness, should I mention the word kilos or walking?
Roast pork, roast chook - or should I just avoid the house where the bloke encourages the pigeons to hang around? - pies, noodles, etc.
Whatever happened to good old bacon and bum nuts on toast with mushies and tomatoes? (that's tom-AR-toes, not tom-ATE-toes).
Stepped onto some scales last week and the scales said I'd lost 4 kilos.
Either those scales lied or I found those 4 kilos damn fast inside a week.
Oops, there I go again, mentioning weight loss. Tsk,tsk, how dare I.
Snacking on mandarins and Granny Smiths have added extra bonuses; the gas propulsion won't exactly push you along but it will encourage you to get away from groups of case you blast them out of their socks.
Now, I'll either start looking like a piece of fruit or there'll be a small hole in the Ozone layer above my house for my stalker to find me more easily than traipsing back and forth across 4 suburbs looking for my aromatic trail.
Bon Appetit!


  1. lololol

    That was as rambling as your walks!

    I'm confused. Have you lost some weight or not? lol

  2. Re those 9am cooking smells, maybe everyone is getting the slow cooker bug as well?

    I really miss my chicken rotisserie oven. Love me some rotisserie chicken.

  3. I think I have but should I admit that, B ? :P

    Ahh, sensible slow cookers abound, Marita!

  4. Daily from Oakleigh to Carnegie??? Daily??? Hey - we must be neighbours - you probably walked right past my house! No cooking smells from my place though...

  5. Mmm. Were any of the little greek ladies making spanakopita or saganaki? They're great cooking smells.

  6. I have good intentions regarding fruit. Every day I go to work convinced that I'll be coming home with healthy fruit snacks.Every day I come home with stuff like mini Kit-Kats or Caramello Koalas. Yesterday's haul was a bag of Jaffas. On the upside, the Jaffas and most of the Kit-Kats are still in the fridge....
    I love walking past homes where delicious aromas are wafting out.
    I haven't heard the term bum nuts in yonks. I'm adding that to my list of old things to say.

  7. I probably do, Scott, come to think of it! lol

    No idea, MD, but if I catch any making dolmades they're getting pinned down till they make me a lifetime supply ;)

    Just top up the sweeties bowl with fruit, River ;)

  8. Sadly it is true of the younguns developing diabetes so early..all that processed food!
    Simple rule I have instilled in the kids, eat foods that are as close to natural as possible, Ie, just of the farm, the orchard or the sea... and if they want a treat, have it every now and then. Now they are my food police, LOL.
    Mia tels me what I am eating is from the "Blue food group" (at school they do it in colours)..."blue is dairy Mum..and yoghurt is dairy". So there you go! LOL
    I love the propulsion method..much different to what you will see at Scienceworks Star Wars exhibit where they teach you about propulsion by magnetism LOL :)

  9. It's all the hidden nasties that we don't see that do the damage, Cazzie but your kidlets sound like they've got their heads on straight :)

  10. Go you!
    I've been a slacker this week - a cold plus no energy equals me trying to inhale chocolate for the endorphins. ... when usually a block of chocolate lasts us about a fornight.
    Thankfully, we normally eat well - and I'm pleased to say my kids happily eat fruit and veges and love yoghurt (meat can be an issue at times though).

    ..and slow cookers rock! We've been eating lovely stews full of veges and pulses. Yummeh.