Saturday, July 25, 2009

For those who feel this is for them

This bottle is being passed around to all those dipshits who can't deal with Life when it jumps up and bites 'em on the arse.
Awww, you're a little bit sooky or a little bit shitty.
So, somewhere in your tiny stir-fried noodle of a brain it makes such perfect sense to start attacking everyone around you just to make you feel better.
Or to drag everyone down to your level of misery just to share the lurve you're feeling.
Cos having a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger's or being anywhere on the Spectrum is SUCH an excuse to grow into the Megabitch from Hell and pick fights with anyone and everyone.
Isn't it?
So get the fuck over the reality and learn to deal with the fact you're on the Spectrum and realise there's a shedload of good company waiting for you to open your eyes to see what support and care there is on offer to you.
And stop pissing me up the wall cos I Won't. Tolerate. Your. Fucking. Crap. ANYMORE.


  1. You tell 'em Jayne :)

    I hope they get the message,


  2. Don't hold back Jayne, tell us how you really feel !!!!


  3. Nup, don't need it. Thanks anyway.

  4. Sheesh - I come back after a brief hiatus and someone's copping an earful!
    Innit great?

  5. I hope they got the message hon

  6. i need to ship a big crate of this. do you gift wrap?

  7. Hopefully they have gotten the message! Back online after a spell of non internet time, looking forward to catching up with all your older posts :)

  8. Oh there really needs to be a mail-order service on that.

  9. Come back to us Jayne.
    Bury the offenders in the compost heap and come back.