Friday, July 10, 2009

Sat'dee July 11

Am howling my eyes out as they Xxxxx  xx xxxxxx Xx  xx x Xxx xxx in Torchwood.
It's Cheer Up Day and Swimming Pool Day.

It's National Diabetes Week 12th - 18th July.
That might explain why doing a Tim Tam Slam with double choc bikkies in hot chocolate isn't really on any diet sheet.
And why my pancreas tried digging its way out of my body with a blunt spoon.

1302 Battle of The Golden Spurs.
No, sadly it was not a wild sex orgy wrestling match involving whips, bridles and spurs.
Never mind, have a boiled lolly instead....

1836 Thomas Petty - not the future singer of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, sorry - opened his fine grog shop Petty's Hotel in York Street in Sydney.

1877 Kiwi Kate Edger was a ballsy gal who was the first female to gain a Uni degree in NZ and was the first chickybabe in the entire Brit Empire to get a BA.
Read more about this trail blazer HERE.

1920 Englishman Charles Stephens tied himself to an anvil within his wooden barrel as ballast just before he pitched himself over Niagara Falls.
His right arm was the only thing that was found within the barrel afterwards.
Ooey gooey was a worm....

1977 Brit mag Gay News was slapped with a £1,000 fine for having the gall to publish a poem that dared *outraged sniff and flaring of the nostrils* to suggest that Jesus Christ may have been gay!
Hey, the bloke mucked around with all these other blokes in dresses in a bois only boys only club, his teen years are vague and most telling of all - he had long hair and a beard!!!

2008 Pope Benny da 16th rocked up to Sydney for World Yoof Day.


  1. *snicker* You said the P word. I'm telling.

  2. What a wonderful collection today. Gangrenous penises (or is that penii?) and ever so naughty religious humour.

    You're gonna burn, sister. *sniggers* Although, it's better than the alternative. Harps give me the irrits after a while.

  3. LOL Elizabeth, bet you peeked, too :P

    Sometime gangrene is all we can hope for some penii, Anja ;)