Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy 21st July

Theresa Green!

1809 Daniel Lambert dropped off the twig.
Daniel Lambert was a big boy.
Daniel Lambert had to wait a little to be buried as the pub in which he had been staying had to be pulled apart to remove his body.

1859 The first Melbourne Fire Brigade was founded on this day.
Ironic really when there still isn't enough numbers staffing the stations.

1865 The NZ Governor George Grey oversaw the capture of Weraroa pa.
For further details click HERE.

1951 The All Blacks trounced the Wallabies to win the series 3-0
Again the irony strikes as England whips the Aussie cricket team till they cried like babies.

F-a-a-r-k, Brendan.
That brass monkey ball was a tough nut to crack.


  1. Did you notice the spooky glow in the eyes of those birds?

    I wouldn't walk under them if I were you.

  2. And I hadn't actually noticed those glowing eyes until you mentioned them, Elizabeth, freaky weird!

  3. Have you been watching this - http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/joshua_klein_on_the_intelligence_of_crows.html

    (warning video with sound)

  4. Am having a small giggle to myself about Graham Kennedy's crow call.

  5. Very interesting information about the Pai Marire - always learning something new...