Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey Hey Ricky - Barmy Army song

Found this catchy tune over at Colin's Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe and I'm loving it!
Click on the link HERE to watch the fun, bright and bouncy video at YouTube.

Hey Hey Ricky, what you gonna do?
Hey Hey Ricky, get on your kangaroo
We're taking back the Ashes, they don't belong to you
Cos we're the Barmy Army, we're England through and throug.

You tried to find a bowler but it ended up in tears
You once had Warne and McGrath now it's just that Brett Lee 'Spears'
You'll try to get a century, but we know how you bat
So go on back down under or we'll bring out Gary Pratt 
Symonds has gone fishing, Gilchrist is long gone
You have got no spinners, we've got Panesar and Swann
You'll always be a whinger, when will you ever learn
You'll never get your hands on our little Ashes urn 
You cook shrimps on the Barbie, drink beer that's really weak
Your country isn't quite as old as some of our antiques
You didn't like our Bodyline, wish Beefy had been yours
Now we've got Freddie and KP to hit sixes and fours
Come on England!
Could not agree with it more at the moment with our piss-weak cricket team, piddly Ponting for a captain and the sooky-la-la Aussie cricket board that gave us such a bloody dogs' breakfast of players while booting out the talent.
Good on the English cricket team if they win the Ashes, they've earned it.


  1. Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!!!! Their beer tastes like week old lukewarm dishwashing water.

  2. Sport? That is irony, parody and humour and a catchy tune that even my daughter liked.

  3. Yawn... sporting subject... bring on the music subjects... givus some artistic history too... make it worth mah wyles mahm!!!!


  4. Agh! That's going round and round in my head now!