Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is it the man come to take me away, why do they follow me?

Having watched The Squiz last night - it makes me actually enjoy sport - I was impressed to hear former children's presenter chicky babe Charli offer to begin pole dancing.
I think a large number of the male audience members were equally, if not more, impressed.

And if you're not watching RocKwiz you're depriving yourself of a decent half hour before the Horlicks kicks in and the fluffy bed-socks tear you to the toasty warm goodness that is the hot water bottle tucked into your blankies.
Hmmmm Horlicks.....
Hot water bottles....

1881 Similar to the Port Phillip Colony, who went into witness protection to become Victoria (oops), NZ imposed a tax of £10 per head on Chinese immigrants as the anti-Chinese feeling grew on the goldfields.
For more details or to search the online poll tax records click HERE.

1883 The wowsers in Vic Parliament won by a whisker when they voted to make that Den of Iniquity, the National Gallery of Victoria, to close on Sundays.
*cue sarcastic golf clap from on high*

1945 PM John Curtin, who'd got the Land of Oz through some of the worst moments of WW2, died at The Lodge in Canberra.
For some fab info into this generally nice bloke click HERE and HERE.

1975 Television Two held the first televised telethon in the Land of The Kiwi.

Nice to see Melbourne Demons pull a convincing win out of nowhere to boost Jim Stynes morale.


  1. Love Charli :)

    I miss RocKwiz. I don't usually miss having TV but I do miss Aunty and SBS shows.

  2. You lost me with the aerial ping pong reference. I can't get the hang of that game; although the eye candy is not bad.

  3. Would that be Hi 5 Charli. Call me dumb (or discerning in my TV selections).

  4. Yep, there's some good shows on the taxpayer's tv lol.

    What game, Anja? Aren't the scantily clad eye candy meant to run about randomly for our entertainment?

    Yep, that's the one, Mr Discerning Colin ;)

  5. I love RockWiz, great show. A bit of a spicks and specks fan, too, I may add....

  6. They're both great shows, Rhubarb, we're tragic devotees to both in this house lol.