Monday, July 13, 2009

July 14 fireworks

I've been tripping out all over a certain popular meeting application online - think about it and you'll figure it out - where I've reconnected with long lost cousins (8 so far and counting), found some who'd been hidden from us (Gawd, that makes us sounds like a cult....ahem) and a 3rd cousin who could pass for Feral Beast's identical twin.
No, we're not from deepest, darkest Tassie, we do not have two heads and we all have a thoroughly diversified gene pool.
Although strange uncle Rufus loved his herd of cattle just that wee bit too much for some of our liking....
KIDDING, please don't send emails.
Last time that happened my heart went all a'flutter and I squealed in a register that had dogs whining 2 streets away...over emails that offered to make my 'manhood' bigger, longer, faster, stronger.
Last time I looked I was a chick - although this may have changed since May 1997 -so I may decline the invite to "give it to her harder than ever before".
No, really, stop asking.
And don't offer me any "inheritance" if I just cough up my bank details.
That sooooooo isn't winning you any brownie points in this gin joint.Stop whispering sweet nothings in my ear, my "innocent Nubian princess" who only needs my money to "flee from her torture to be free".
And seriously, posing as a banking institution I do NOT bank with and demanding my personal ID details is just a tad obvious, even from the angle I'm at trying to check if I am still a chick....(pass the mirror, will you, I can't reach with my ankles behind my ears....)

1842 Before Brisvegas became Brisvegas they were flogging off town allotments for filthy lucre.
Somehow the price of land kept rising when they twigged that it wasn't being made anymore.

1853 NZ's first general election began.
Find out more HERE and HERE.

1950 Sir Apirana Ngata, who helped resurrect the Maori language and culture, passed away on this day.
More info on this inspiring gentleman HERE and HERE.

1986 SpongeBob SquarePants was...errr....delivered by the squid.

1995 The Australian Aboriginal Flag and Torres Strait Island flag were made official flags of Oz.
About f'ken time, sunshine.

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  1. Might that be 'a popular social networking site' that you are referring to?