Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16...until midnight

I have been missing of late, the computer having been taken control of by small green aliens my son to complete his diabolical assignment that is driving me to drink coffee and sew small furry creatures out of felt.
Yes, soon I will be surrounded by all of the usual woodland creatures and then some not thought up in a stitchers worst nightmare.
Purple polka dot ponies really should have wings or horns or something....

Today is "Talk To A Telemarketer".
Yeah, right, they don't stop talking to me day in, day out!

1439 Kissing was banned in England to stop the spread of disease and pestilence.
Not too keen on disease but pestilence was good to me in the Middle Ages.

1800 The good reverends Richard Johnson and Samuel Marsden opened a school at Kissing Point, Ryde.
For further (interesting) information and details of the Kissing Point area click HERE.

1813 Proving that inadequate sentencing isn't something recent -
Two officers of the 73rd Regiment were found guilty of killing a settler and were given a piddly six month gaol sentence each.
Public outcry, like it does now, ensued.

1855 The Theatre Royal was officially opened in Melbourne and costing a pretty penny at £95,000 sterling wonderful visionary George Coppin soon went bust.
But not for long!
To have a gander at the long lost Theatre Royal in Bourke Street click HERE (scroll down page).

1962 The rot set in with the strike by parents and the community that resulted in the closure of Catholic schools in Goulburn which triggered the public funding of private schools.
More information click HERE.

1965 NZ's 161 Battery opened fire in Vietnam to support the American 173rd Airborne Brigade in the Vietnam War.
For further information click HERE.

1972 The Gay Liberation Front in Wellington was established; it was active for six years.

2003 A medical study was published by The Cancer Council of Australia which found that masturbation may help prevent prostate cancer.
Proving that there is a method in the Goddesses madness in giving breath to wankers.


  1. That was great - choked at the last hurdle though!! Heh.

  2. LOL
    A little twist for you all, BB ;)

    Saving another oncologist from a bunch of dicks, Anja :P

  3. I blamed Gough for funding of private schools. We was wrong. He must have increased funding. Theatre Royal, lucky it burnt down in its glory than have the developers demolish it in the 1960s.

  4. Huh - kissing banned to stop spread of plague? I wonder how to fit this into my crackpot theory that societies develop taboos based not on religion, but on the types of plagues that they've mostly been hit by. ;-)

  5. Yep, felt animals are great, and the best part of having them all around you is that they do not eat, they do not sh*t and they don't use your computer..hahaha.
    Telemarketers and hawkers at my door...forget it, I won't begin to go on about them waking me from my day sleep!

  6. Another wad of wankers, Andrew - 1960's "developers".

    I'm guessing the '2 x 4 to the back of the head' plague was considered a sign from God, Nomes, otherwise they'd have to explain how the water became wine with nary a drop of fermented sultana present!

    Strangely, Cazzie, my felt animals have been giving me more sensible answers than the human tribe of late.
    Or that could be the coffee talking again... ;)

  7. "Talk to a telemarketer"...Not in my house, babe. I've installed an answering machine and now THEY hang up on ME. HAHA!!

    I want a purple polka dot pony....