Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 20....and Shepparton survived my descent upon it!

My cousin and I went screaming sedately tootling up the Hume Hwy to Shepparton yesterday (Sunday) and had a fine old time at the SPC Ardmona Factory Sales shop.
Crikey Moses, Joseph the carpenter and Nev the concrete koala...!
There are serious savings to be had on really decent food ( not just fruit) and the staff are quite lovely and helpful.
As it was a Sunday the Pental Soaps and Campbell's Soups factories were closed but we're plotting and planning another trip up to take these 2 on sometime soon-ish.
For great Chrissy goodies ( for gift hampers and nibbly party snacks over the silly season) from the SPC Ardmona factory, a little birdie told us November was the time to find extra bargains, specials and savings.
Mark it on your calender and spend the day getting a whole years' worth of groceries in one fell swoop!

Proper working Dutch windmill in the middle of the Oz countryside.
Go figure!

1851 Gold was allegedly found at Mt Alexander near Castlemaine.
Allegedly as I have seen none with my own baby blues....unless you want to change my mind by posting some of it to moi?

Water tower thingie at Mooroopna

1965 Mt Eden Prison was not rockin' and rollin' to any earthquake or new fangled music but to the riot which broke out when an escape attempt was buggered and a couple of prison warders were taken hostage.
Read more about the riot HERE.

Somewhat blurry roadside photography ( car was tootling by at 110kms/p/h) 
Another shot of  Emerald Bank (click HERE for more details on this delicious cafe/train rides/woolshed function centre/heritage farm)


  1. Step Mother gave us a tin of fruit from SPC Ardmona factory sales. When opened, the fruit was rotten and stank.

    Love the windmill. Looks just like the real thing.

  2. LOL
    Well this lot was all in date and we could see through the plastic containers that it was as right as rain (why is rain considered right and does this apply during a flood?)
    The windmill was real enough for the Dutch Consulate to officially open in 1979 and his replacement to re-open 20 something years later lol.

  3. I'm a Shepparton boy born and bred; the Dutch windmill was originally at Shepparton's International Village. This was a grand tourist plan hatched by the Shepparton council in the late 60's/early 70s where they were going to construct representative buildings of nations from around the world. It never took off and today the site is a housing development with only the moat and a couple of original structures remaining. The windmill was moved when the Village closed down.

    The SPC store will soon be moving to Shepp, no more trips across to Mooroopna.

  4. Ooooooooo, thanks Tony!
    I've not heard of this International Village idea, sad it didn't take off.

    Ahhh, my cousin and I were thinking it was a bit convoluted to have the factory sales and the factory itself so far apart.
    Is SPC still locally owned?
    Was an eye-opener to see how HUGE Shepp has grown!

  5. I first thought to myself, why was Jayne taking pictures whilst driving. Then I thought, Jayne just about qualifies for a Labrador or a gig on 'dancing with the stars' and then it dawns on me - the friend was driving. Cutting back on caffeine makes me a little delirious in the mornings.

  6. hmmmm hubby goes to sheparton on occasion............

  7. I've been to Shepparton, once only, don't remember why we went, never went again.

  8. Gawd, Anja, I'd rather dance with a Labradoodle than dance with any of those 'stars' :P

    Send him a shopping list, B, they have a website with specials and price lists.
    Or come with!!!!

    You should go back and visit the scene of the crime, River, it's none too shabby ;)