Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30, Two years of Brumby

Today we hear that the Royal Flying Doctor Service - a service which has saved countless lives in the Aussie outback, connected many isolated communities, hell, it even inspired a successful TV soapie - is getting kicked to the kerb.
Read the tripe HERE.

1838 Londoners were blessed with a rain of frogs from on high.
I always said there was something amphibious about the Royal Family...
Yes, read it HERE.

1867 The Great Canterbury Snowstorm began.
Read a small account of it HERE.

1924 There was a Royal Commission looking into the pricing of bread, wheat and flour.

1942 Port Hedland in Westralia was bombed by Japanese aircraft.

1967 Arthur Stace, better known as Mr Eternity, dropped off the twig.
Read about this extraordinary man HERE.

1976 The Kiwi Men's Hockey Field Team won gold medals at the Montreal Olympics for their efforts on this day.
More HERE.

1979 Carless Days began in NZ.
Read more about them HERE and HERE.
They'd never work today in Oz as too many umbilical cords have become attached to petrol tanks and legs are merely painted on.

1997 It's been 12 years since the Thredbo landslide killed 18 people leaving Stuart Diver the sole survivor.

2007 Steve Bracks left the office of Victorian Premier leaving John-Boy Brumby to assume the position of Crown Prince of the state.

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