Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31 Did you know that I'm a bitch?

See, I've broadened your knowledge base already and I haven't even yet begun throwing trivial history facts that occurred on this date in Oz or NZ.

1945 The Custom Minister Richard Keane was anything but keen on the novel Forever Amber when he outlawed it as "an undesirable book".
Big bloody girls blouse.

Just to broaden your mindset a little wider, have a gander at Andrew's blog post on the disgusting fact that this beautiful Art Deco building, Lonsdale House, is to be demolished.
Sort of prompts one to ask why the old Palace/Metro Theatre, with it's rare Byzantine-style of architecture was allowed to be demolished last year....

1965 Sir Rohan Delacombe, who was Guv'na of Victoria, took his missus along for a nice Sat'dee outing when he opened the Puffing Billy Line from Belgrave to Emerald.

1976 John Walker won gold for the Men's 1500 metres for NZ.
More info HERE.

A certain copper-topped lady is ripening into a mellow wine today; you may feel the urge to pop along and wish her Many Whatsits....
I'll just be hiding under the dining table when she comes looking for me, ok?


  1. You say bitch like it's a bad thing? Meh, it is compulsory to release the inner bitch every now and then.

  2. I'm confused. I thought the Palace demolished last year was the white boxy one at St Kilda Beach, not the more historic Palace Theatre (former Metro nightclub) in Bourke St.

    However the Eastern Arcade did apparently feature Byzantine architecture, and was demolished in 2008. Evidently despite being a rare example, it failed to get a heritage listing.

  3. Exactly, Anja lol ;)

    Yep, tis confusing, Daniel, but the Eastern Arcade was also known as the Palace Theatre and Metro.
    See HERE for more details.

  4. Ah, thanks. Obviously the names Metro and Palace are just a little too common!

    It looks like yet another case of where, with a little care and attention, at least the facade could have been preserved.

  5. Forever Amber? Wonder where I can find a copy? Let's check Amazon....

  6. I did see it in an op shop a few weeks back, River, used to be that it was obligatory for every second hand shop to have a copy but they're getting few and far between these days.