Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Knitting, quilting and sewing ...oh. my.

Have been catching little bits of Eastenders on UKTV - who or what is Babs Windsor's character marrying?!
Nasty piece of work, that Archie, can we assume he gets his come-uppance soon-ish? Gawd, where's Brian with the goss when you need him!
Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the alleyway, perhaps?

For the Mooning One known as JahTeh over at the Coppery WitchyPoo's place.....

1863 Tree planting activities on this day in Christchurch saw the planting of an English Oak which was the beginning of the Botanic Gardens.
For more information click HERE.

Have you seen what I've been tempted with of late?
Have been wrestling with 4 double ended needles to knit myself some socks - but not turning for the heel coz if I can't turn for Angelina Jolie I aint turning for no piddly heel - when I read Dancing With Frogs.
And then my eyeballs fall out.
Go and look at Frog Dancer's blog, go on, and see how she's teased her readers with the beautiful quilts she effortlessly throws together in the blink of an eye!
So I found myself at my Second Home aka Spotlight ( no, I walked, left the tractor at home) fondling fat quarters and drooling over high thread counts on girly-girly patterned material.
I was strong and resisted, though.

1915 The railways refuse to employ single men as, in the opinion of the railway officials, "they should be serving at the front".
Every bastard was keen to chuck the callow youth as cannon fodder to the front.

But not only that!
Oh no, I wander over to Scott's Abode and there I'm confronted with a cute little retro felt pony to make.
So strong is the suggestion that I find myself in Spotlight buying BRIGHTLY coloured felt to make the prancing pony.
Go on, I dare you to cast your baby blues across Scott's pony and see if you can resist temptation!

1946 Best lead singer of AC/DC Bon Scott was pupped on this day in Kirriemuir in Scotland.
But it was his bluebird tattoos that mesmerised us the most....

But that's not nearly the end of it, ohhhhh nooooooooo.
You see, Marita often cross stitches and blogs about her lovely creations, sometimes with full technicolour photos to illustrate her work.
I used to cross stitch until my eyes fell out (see above) or was that when my eyesight went to Africa with my libido?
I digress.
Anyway now that I have my super-dooper uber-strength prescription reading glasses AND the magnifying glass my head was turned at Spotlight, yes again, when I spied some little cross stitch designs with the Aussie flag and wattle, possums rampant and gum nuts.

1986 The NZ Homosexual Law Reform Bill was passed.
For more details click HERE.

But now I must away to watch the second part of Torchwood: Children of Earth.
Because, as the ankle biters keep telling us - "we are coming....BACK."


  1. I darn socks. Badly. But I darn.

    I hope that someone salvaged bits of those homes. The glass in the upper part of the windows was lovely.

    I hate it when houses that don't fit the character of an older neighbourhood are built but there has to be some kind of compromise that allows owners the ability to change and expand.

  2. Now, Jayne... turning a heel is incredibly easy - at least, I found it so, once someone sat me down and demonstrated it. That was so long ago now, though, that I probably wouldn't remember how to do it anymore, or I would make you a little video.

  3. Cross-stitch you say....
    (I seem to have thing for Australian native plants and chooks....
    Hmmm - I may even take some pics of my Mum's awesome quilts and blog....

  4. I hope the wreckers were gentle to those, too, Elizabeth.
    Amazingly some stone masonry art from the Victorian period is completely lost now, would hate to think glass and brickwork were also lost to a wrecker's ball.

    Yes, I should track down a YouTube demo, Les, would probably make my socks last longer lol.

    They're great cross stitch pictures, Amanda! Love your chookies :)

  5. If you do learn how to turn a heel Jayne, here's another tip. Knit the heel with double wool, (two strands instead of one),this helps them last longer. Same goes for elbow sections of cardigan and jumper sleeves.
    I love looking at all those quilting blogs, the colours and patterns are amazing.

  6. Thanks, River, I'll keep that in mind :)
    Yep, those quilts are works of art on their own!

  7. Ah yes... quilts in the blink of an eye. Quite true....
    ...if your 'blinks' are more like comas!!! I've been knitting so many beanies that the quilts have been pushed to the side. My fault for producing so many boys, I guess.

    (I knitted one pair of socks. They're warm, but socks just don't grab me as a knitter. I turned all the sock yarn I bought into baby hats and sold them.)