Friday, July 10, 2009

Nude, nekkid, bare basics of TGIF July 10

Did you remember to watch Ned Kelly Uncovered?
Would have been a rude awakening for the poor sod had he really been uncovered...somewhat akin to Captain Jack in Torchwood regenerating all nekkid and handcuffed and in full view...and nekkid...without clothes....nekkid....full frontal....handcuffed....did I mention he was without any covering?

1040 Speaking of nekkid.... Lady Godiva traipsed her nekkid form on horseback throughout the town of Coventry where all the good folk averted their eyes as a protest to her hubby's increased taxes.
Smart lass to choose the height of the British Summer to pull this stunt!

Has anyone noticed the tennis balls in the new Kit Kat ad - the ones the bloke spits out of his mouth like a tennis machine - are smaller than usual tennis balls?
I think that says a lot for men and their ball sports....

1864 Sir Austin Chapman - saddler, publican, storekeeper, investor, politician and auctioneer - was born in the illustrious town of ....drumroll....Bong Bong.
Go on, it's safe to click on the link, you won't have to inhale.

Muddy Waterholes - such an address brings drear images to ones mind; could one state their home town without calls of derision? No?
That might be the reason why it's now called Lethbridge, near Geelong in Victoria.

1869 The Old Duffer Rush ghostly occurrence took place near Young in NSW.
Go on, you know you want to click HERE to read more.

Don't go looking for Batman River to take a fact don't go swimming in the damn thing at all - better known these days as the upside down Yarra River.

1911 The Royal Australian Navy was formed on this day, with the day the fleet arrived in 1913 being declared a public holiday.... and if the navy is as buff and chiseled as those fine specimens on Sea Patrol they can form new chapters of the navy and have public holidays any day of the week if they so choose.
*waving hello to the ravishing readers from the Australian Defence Dept*

Should I be concerned that there is an actual online petition to get scenes of Captain Jack nekkid?
Or just smile, nod and add my name?
Yep, I thought you'd say that...

1967 Twas Decimal Currency Day in NZ when the coinage went decimal, when two dollars replaced 1 pound, when kids became "dollar scholars".
Awww, bless.
Now enjoy the Kiwi Decimal Currency Song HERE.

I don't think I need to point out that I highly doubt this Captain Jack action figure is anatomically correct.
His knees appear to be bending outwards at a painful angle...

1985 Owing to NZ and Greenpeace's protests over the French nuclear testing in the Pacific the Greenpeace ship The Rainbow Warrior was bombed in Auckland Harbour by French agents, which resulted in the death of one crew member.
More details HERE.


  1. Captain Jack is on TV so this sort of fits, and if not I know you'll cope.

    Time Team America was on last night and yes, it is pale by comparison BUT it was interesting enough that we will tune in next week.

  2. Yay!
    Thanks, Elizabeth, fingers crossed we get it here on pay tv :)

  3. We did have the Ned Kelly thing on last night, but I didn't pay too much attention.......

    Captain Jack nekkid hey? Mmmm.

  4. Only 139 signatures. Come on people.

  5. I think I served you both well in my subsequent post, River and Andrew ;)