Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On my daily walks.....

Are the 2000's to become the new 1960's, where any building older than 5 mins was considered rubbish,  as Art Deco architecture seems to be in the firing line of the wrecker's ball?
This chap is determined to obliterate his Art Deco house while the following two houses are in the process of being demolished for some *shudder* uber-modern angled concrete and steel contraptions that will stick out like dogs' balls in the soft surrounds of mid-1930's Art Deco style.

Each lovely, painstakingly created detail - like the feature bricks around the window, the brick trim near the eaves, the quirky little feature in the far left of the pic - is to be trashed.

Semi-detached villas, pic taken last Sunday both villas were piles of rubble as of last night. 
If one peers intently enough at this pic, whilst holding ones left leg behind ones right ear and chanting the theme to Mr Ed, one may spy the old Victorian Railways insignia, V/R, beneath all the jumble of paint rubbish.
For more info, history and heritage notes - not to forget some fantastic photos - of the old V/R click HERE.

The coffee shop (shed?) outside Murrumbeena station that tempts me with it's delightfully wafting aromas of coffee and Singapore noodles and pies and yummmmmm.
Perfect example of when Graffiti Artists Go Commercial.

No matter where a man ends up he will have his shed, even if it means building one atop a shop in downtown Murrumbeena....


  1. Top house looks just like our old one in East Malvern. A pair of houses on one block is already good use of land and quite dense enough living. They should be kept. Beautiful leadlight work too. Our were but with angles that gave a prism effect and little patches of rainbows would move around the room.

  2. Just trying to catch up with some of your older posts. In "My Daily Walks," July 2009, you portrayed my sentiments exactly on the demolition of our historical legacy in the built environment. Good post! -- barbara