Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The seventh day of the seventh month bladdy blah blah

Oh, look!
July 7th already....where did that sneak up from...?
I shall ponder this puzzle as I trundle my way to Carnegie - probably darkening the doorstep of Scott only briefly on my travels - and enjoying the aroma of fresh coffee, Singapore noodles and hot pies wafting oh-so-delicately from the coffee shop outside Murrumbeena station whilst drooling not too subtly over the Porsche 911 a little further along in Neerim Rd.
Should I mention that the person choofing on a bong in their front garden in Neerim Rd is really pushing their luck? Even Michael Phelps would have thought twice about sitting amidst the mulch and inhaling as blatantly as this person was doing.
It wasn't patchouli oil that was stinking up the street yesterday and I'm not too certain it was just the exercise that was giving me the munchies....
I forgot to blog that I met up with the lovely Marita and her two girls last Wednesday!
Had a fab time with them and Feral Beast enjoyed himself greatly.

1456 They finally got around to finding Joan of Arc innocent.
Yeah, 25 years after they barbecued her.

1846 Livingstone Hopkins, celebrated cartoon artist of The Bulletin, was pupped on this day.
Read more about him HERE.

Nothing to do with Livingston Hopkins but a tram-fan pic for Andrew.
And now imagine that green and yellow paint used on the oh-so-abused walls of Labassa only a little way from this stop....

1924 In the film Chariots of Fire "Tom Watson" won bronze for NZ but in reality it was Arthur Porritt who took home Bronze from the Paris Olympics.
More detail on Baron Porritt, former Gov-Gen HERE.

1961 For once it wasn't the King Street nightclubbing gals who were collapsing, all tired and emtional, it was the Kings Street Bridge itself.

Air con, old school.
1980 GLBT protesters picketed the Soviet Embassy in Wellington in support of Enzo Francone who had chained himself to the railings outside the Kremlin during the Moscow Olympics.
Brave boy!
Silly, but brave!


  1. Methinks Feral Beast won himself a heart at the Museum.

  2. I think I'd be able to wave at you from the end of my street - though it appears that you are south of the railway line and I am north given the description of your route (plus I'm sure there are no drug abusers in my part of Murrumbeena!). Do you ever go to Jordans for dinner - it's great and John is a really nice guy!

  3. How well do I know that tram shelter? Too well.

  4. are you going to keep walking down that street in future? you might need to pack supplies........ lol

  5. I think you're on the money there, Anja lol.

    Haven't been there but it looks fab, Scott :)

    Do I hear a shudder in your voice, Andrew? lol

    Twas fresh air whipping past me this afternoon, B lol.