Saturday, July 11, 2009

Torchwood Twilight Talk July 12

Am slightly bemused after the finale of Torchwood last night (am writing this, as always, the night before so you're getting a fresh impression).
Is it the final ever finale of Torchwood?
If that was the intention it would be a perfect swan song.
But Russell T. Davies is determined to keep us all guessing by having announced series 4 of Torchwood is ready to go.
Go where, exactly, Russ mate?!
You've killed off the 3 co-stars we'd come to love, Gwen's up the duff and the oh-so-delicious Jack has pissed off to the middle of the universe or some such.
I can pretty safely predict that the PM has been kicked to the kerb (Oi, Kev-baby, you taking notes?), that Lois is or should be joining Torchwood, that the gun-happy chicky-babe should get to play with the alien weaponry,and that the damn Torchwood car (that was car jacked on the estate) will, predictably, turn up with some street-smart teen behind the wheel having figured out all the bells and whistles.
Ahem, Russ mate, I'm available for editing and re-writes....

1799 The Combination Act was passed with the brekkie snags in Britain which made outlaws of those naughty boys and girls who dared to try to improve working conditions.
Some of those sweat shop workers just LOVE coughing up half a lung in amongst the cotton fibres and their children EXPECT to lose a few fingers working on those big looms.
You can't change a person's history and their lot in life,  you can't just take away everything they've come to know and expect....

Something we all expect our local fire brigades to put their utmost effort into, of course....

1812 The USA invaded Canada during The War of 1812.
Something I doubt Canada was expecting or rated very highly on their To Do List that year.

1846 And they reckon they didn't know how to party or fight in the old days...hmph!
Martial law was declared for ONe Night Only! in good old matronly Marvellous Melbourne when the Orangemen and Roman Catholics took to rioting through the streets - as you do - and *gasp* shots were fired.

1863 Brit troops invaded Waikato when they crossed the Mangatawhiri stream which had been declared as a line that Was Not To Be Crossed or it was to be assumed any breach of the same to be an Act Of War.
Men being the blood-thirsty beasts that they are, War it was, more details HERE.

Where oh where did we go wrong....? 
2001 Chris Jenner made the whole of the North and South Islands proud ( collectively known as New Zealand but not to volleyball players in Oz) when he won the time trial of stage 5 of the Tour de France.
More info and details HERE.


  1. I'll send you "The Bunny's" email address and you can ruminate on what the f*** are the script writers up to.

    I carefully dodge all things Dr. Who or Torchwood conversations. Not even a glazed expression on my face will stop him.

  2. But...but...but Anja!
    It's Doctor Who and Torchwood!

  3. I'm going to haver to buy more Torchwood dvd's. I have season one...

  4. That last ep of Torchwood made me want to hurl (I love the show ... but !!!!)

  5. Yep, River, otherwise catching up could be exxy.

    It was such a ball of misery, Amanda, making Jack the bad guy, hmph.

  6. Nope, the 5 ep series just finished last night, B, on UKTV - will probably be shown on ABC sometime soon I think.

  7. Mistress B; Torchwood is still on TV here in South Aus. They're running through season one right now and presumably they'll continue through season two etc. Come on over....