Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is, is...what was, will be... what will be, was, and will be again...so sayeth Welcome Back Kotter.

Browsing through the paper and I found an article screaming about Melbourne's trees dying of thirst; how the drought is taking its toll and if the Melb City Council doesn't get special watering permits to save blah blah blah blah....
I read this article where Bobbie Doyle and his band of Merry Money Munchers chose to spend our dosh on buildings rather than drought-proofing trees.
And lotsa moolah on food, too!
 Melb City Council spent $240,000 on a scribble I could do with my glasses tied behind my back.

150 yr old peppercorn trees can be sawn down for developers....and a 400 yr old red gum must make way for cars...putting us on par with the Chinese Govt who is demolishing Kashgar and all of its history  but dead wood that contributes little on the sides of roads except to fuel deadly bushfires is to remain because no one wants to listen or learn from history...like how the Whinging Poms had good reason to whinge when they arrived here....
Poster boy for red cordial Rove McManus made the comment on his show 'Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?' last night that "No one knows Australian History."
No, Rove, I beg to differ....we know what it is popular to know at any given time, after that it's up to each person to educate themselves or keep their heads shoved firmly up their own backsides.


  1. Am I smarter than a fifth grader? Heck no. But I learn quite a bit when I read your posts.

  2. I have a post on St Kilda Road trees almost ready to publish. I am not quite so harsh on MCC or Doyle.

  3. Can't we just water them? Pleeeeeease? I think there are some Melburnians who want to see the trees die - claimimg that they are relics of a Eurocentric past. I like them though! Australian tress can be so...unstructured.