Saturday, July 4, 2009

You may take your combine harvester and....drop it round the back of my place, ta.

I bought a tractor.
Yes, you could say it was an impulse buy...sort of.
I had seen it advertised and was interested in looking at it more so I wandered on down to where it was parked and snapped it up.
It's a 1947 Massey Ferguson, one of those cute little work-horses that never say die.
You can see a pic of it HERE.
I shall be clearing something, possibly The Spouse, out to make way for the tractor collection....

Today is the Feast Day of the Roman Goddess of Peace, Pax.
Yep, typical....a chick is the one to calm ruffled feathers and it's her Feast Day when some turd lets loose some missiles to make up for his Small-Dick-Man Syndrome.

1868 Te Kooti and a mere 300 of his devoted followers nabbed a schooner titled Rifleman and did a bunk from the Chathams to NZ  where they pitched up at Whareongonga only a week later.
More info HERE.

Have you heard the exciting news that they've found 3 NEW Aussie dinosaurs in Qld?
And this Thursday ABC will air the Ned Kelly doco special Tony Robinson filmed during a recent archaeology dig of the Glenrowan pub.
Double Woot!!!

1902 Getting those pesky housewives off the streets and out of mischief the New Zealand Boxing Association was established in Christchurch.
More info HERE.

NAIDOC Week begins tomorrow, for details and information click HERE.

1984 Heavy snowfalls on this day saw roads and train lines blocked in Eastern Oz while Sydney revelled in it's coldest July day since 1896.

Once Twice upon a time, during the Spanish Influenza outbreak and WW2, to travel between states in the Land of Oz one needed a permit, had to admit what purpose brought one across the border and had to announce how long one intended to darken the doorstep of the foreign state....


  1. I had visions of you put putting to Spotlight on a Fergie.

  2. Does this Massey make my arse look massive? :P

  3. Clearing out the spouse? Gosh, if wishes came true........

  4. LOL River....I always have room in my vegie patch ;)