Wednesday, July 29, 2009 spit like Bon Jovi, we spit like Bon Scott...

Hip hop is not usually my cuppa tea but Aussie hip hop on the other hand is a COMPLETELY different ball game.
Yonks ago (that's ancient slang for a long time ago, kiddies) Triple J started giving Aussie hip hop bands airplay and suddenly the likes of The Wilcannia Mob, Hilltop Hoods, The Herd, 2Up, etc were getting noticed by the mainstream.
I like hearing local issues and the Aussie accent but they also take the piss sometimes (that means poking fun at ourselves, boys and girls, not some odd sexual fetish or Aunty Madge's incontinence).
A couple of my personal favourite presenters on JOY many moons ago used to play Hilltop Hoods on a regular basis, a fav being The Nosebleed Section (yes, the GLBT community likes the same music as straights, I can hear the pepperpot shakers having conniptions) so imagine my surprise to wake up at whatever the ungodly hour was this morning to hear ABC radio 774 playing Hilltop Hoods Fifty in Five!
For those who have nfi what I'm babbling about Hilltop Hoods are an Aussie Hip Hop group out of Adelaide (oh er that staid city of churches is at it again, Mother!) and their latest album State of The Art is roaring up the charts with Fifty in Five being likened as an Aussie hip hop answer to Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire history-type summary song.
Fifty in Five lyrics HERE.

I'll include some links to the various Aussie hip hop songs featured on YouTube -
The BBQ Song (Bad luck BBQ) Mass MC
Why do I try so hard? 2Up
I was only 19 The Herd (worked with Redgum in re-working the song)
I was only 19 Redgum (original for comparison)
Mango Pickle Down River MIA with The Wilcannia Mob
Nosebleed Section Hilltop Hoods
Fifty in Five Hilltop Hoods

And some of you are probably sitting there scratching your heads wondering why I've included this in a history blog - because some of these songs cover Oz history, events in Oz history, they can be used to teach and illustrate history and the influence on Australia, to show how the Oz hip hop scene has evolved from the USA version and kept much of it's own character, that these could be considered the noughties version of the 1960s folk protest songs and the new form of poetry and, dare I say it, Shakespeare.


  1. That's a mighty music selection.

  2. I'm totally out of touch with anything radio. I gave up listening when I didn't like the stuff I was hearing. Since then there's probably better stuff, but in our house it's TV. Docos and weather, docos and weather, more docos, with an occasional foray into stuff I actually enjoy, but never a complete show, ("I've had enough of this shit"). Even the news doesn't get a full run.