Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12th of August

Greatly enjoyed Tony Robinson's Crime and Punishment, a semi-replacement for Time Team.
Given that there's 4 episodes surely that gives Tony, Phil and Carenza plenty of time to whip up some more archaeology episodes to keep us going?
Although I was impressed to hear that in Saxon times compensation of a bloke's kindling limb was worth £60,000 in today's money.
Go on, Gurgle it, see what a kindling limb actually is.
I dare you.
Equally loved the new archaeology/history series Finding the Fallen, the first ep last night dealt with a lost WW1 Canadian soldier who'd been a Barnado Boy from Sheffield, England, Will Maybury.

The first duel fought on Aussie soil was between two quacks; Surgeon-General White and Assistant Surgeon William Balmain.
Why? Who knows. Probably pissed to the gills.
Officially recorded? Nope, unless you count private letters as official records.
Outcome? Both slightly wounded made to stand in the corner, apologise to Teacher and promised to never misbehave like that again.

The town of Bulls in NZ is planning a rather...unusual public toilet block.

Toronto's first electric streetcars were converted from horse-drawn vehicles and began tootling along for the Toronto Railway Company.

Minnie Dean, baby farmer, was the first and only woman hanged in NZ.

When Aussie mens back teeth start floating, make sure they've got their jocks in place!

9-12 August Private O'Meara, originally from Ireland, achieved the VC at Mouquet Farm -
'For most conspicuous bravery. During four days of very heavy fighting he repeatedly went out and brought in wounded officers and men from "No Man's Land" under intense artillery and machine gun fire. He also volunteered and carried up ammunition and bombs through a heavy barrage to a portion of the trenches, which was being heavily shelled at the time. He showed throughout an utter contempt of danger, and undoubtedly saved many lives.'
Who ended up an inpatient in a mental asylum until the end of his days.
Read the sad details of Private O'Meara HERE.

Sergeant Stratton, from Tassie, achieved the VC at Proyart, France.
Private Dinesen, from Canada, achieved the VC at Parvillers, France.
Sir John Monash was knighted on the battlefield by King George V.

Kiwi Mollydooker cricketer Mark Priest was pupped on this day.

A hardboard mill in Nova Scotia was the first investment venture from India into the Western Hemisphere.

Evie Part 1 by Stevie Wright hit the charts for 6 weeks in top spot.
*Evie parts1, 2 and 3 are long enough for radio presenters to have a smoko, make a cuppa tea and cook a Sunday roast*

Kiwi's were gettin' their groove on to the number one song by Holiday Makers Sweet Lovers.


  1. "I dare you." Well well well.
    Learned about kindling limbs and much much more today.

  2. I do hope this passes under Lord Wyre's radar, as he loathes the time team.
    Monash knighted on the battlefield by the King ... they don't make 'em like that any more.
    Monash Uni
    Monash Freeway
    Monash Medical Centre.

  3. We caught glimpses of the Crime & Punishment program last night (ad breaks on Rafters - shhhhh) and it looked excellent - definitely will have the tape at the ready next week!!

  4. Personally, I'd like to think my kindling limb was worth more than £60,000 in todays money. Particularly if I was a *ahem* escort, I could easily make four times that amount each year.

    Oh, and I orefer to think of mine as a lumber trunk more so than a kindling limb, but that's a personal thing I suppose.

  5. Thanks to the Saxons I have a new name to fling about willy-nilly, Elizabeth :P

    Monash was a clever dicky bird, Ann, as listed HERE.
    Pity they didn't clone him.

    I've sacrificed the Rafters for Crime and Punishment, Jeanie lol!

    The Spouse feels the same, M, but give me a feather duster, a good book and a hot chocolate instead...! lol

  6. Oh Lordy, that Evie song used to drive me bananas. Hated it. Still do.
    I watched the Tony Robinson shows, found them quite interesting.

  7. LOL
    It's good for timing a toasted cheese and tomato sanga, River :P