Thursday, August 20, 2009

#7 in the photo list

Oh, yes, I did warn you there were 400 happy snaps uploading - thankfully for you some are so blurry they're hitting the bin.
Don't forget, click on any to enlarge to read the sign-boards or to see what on earth grabbed my attention.
On with our walk, boys and girls, and today we hit Watkins Bay, Beaumaris and more...

Blue Blubber Jellyfish.
In the wild.

Steep cliffs,pretty rock pools.

As still as a mill pond....

Sheryl knew she didn't fit in with this crowd but wasn't sure where else a shag should hang out...

Rocky outcrop.
Below us.
Waaaaaaaay below us....

...that people used to climb down to *shudder*.
Ahh! Watkins Bay begins to peep around the corner at us.

Usual suspects at a beach...

Sign to remind everyone not to nick the shells, not to disturb the rocks and NOT to poke at the sea critters.

Sheryl decided to hang out on her own...

More info.

With rocks.
And shells.

Go on, right click and save to your hard drive.

Nature's sculpture.

Mother Nature always ignored the fashion rhyme
"Pink and green should never be seen
Except with a colour in between."

Tidal scouring showing clearly here how the cliffs will, eventually, be undermined. 

 And again.

These rocks would have once been a part of the cliff/headland.

These rockpools are teeming with life in the warmer months.
Read about the fisherman who gave this bay his name HERE.


  1. LOL every time I refreshed there were more photos. Too funny! Great shots - sounds like a great time.

  2. Your photographs are very nice.
    What other coastlines have you walked?
    Connie xox

  3. Your not one of those greenie ratbags from Boltas blog are you?

  4. Thanks, Shirley :)
    Still plenty more to come lol.

    Thanks, Connie. This is the only one, so far.

    No, Pete.
    You're welcome to leave comments but may I ask how you came to wander over here?

  5. Hey wheres the history posts i heard of?

  6. Lol at Sheryl the shag. Watkins Bay was the beach you told me about. Very nice. Now, were the words heard, 'Not another photo Mum'.

  7. LOL
    Not quite, Andrew, was yet again,
    "Fungi, Mum, take a photo!" lol.
    Watkins Bay has a great sandbar at low tide that's perfect for beach cricket ;)

  8. Sorry, Bushrat, I'll probably pop some more in tomorrow.
    With more photos lol.