Friday, August 21, 2009

#8 in piccys August 21

Am typing this with my medium-sized furbaby parked across my lap...a furbaby who seems to think she's still a tiny pup who can fit !

Watkins Bay from the other angle.
1806 With all the tucker just about gone in good old Hobart Town the prisoners aka convicts were given express permission to hunt kangaroos.
1879 Feast Day of Our Lady of Knock; the day when holy statues came to life before witnesses eyes in Knock, Ireland.
Read more HERE.

1894 Tassie was on a winner when it introduced a flat rate personal income tax.
That lump is, in fact, more fungi about to erupt and spawn all over Watkins Bay that FB uncovered.
Wonder if Native Fungi Child can sniff out truffles...

1915 Hill 60 at Gallipoli saw the last major fighting of the ANZAC forces.
More info, do the bizzo and click to enlarge.
Beaumaris Life Saving Club.
Doin' the hard yards every Summer to keep your beaches safe.
1958 The Barnes Dance began do-se-doing around Auckland when pedestrians were able to diagonally cross in all directions.
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Commemorative seat thingie to mark the Rickett's Point Marine Sanctuary being official.
1968 The Post Office in Ontario announced it was closing the 100 yr old Post Office Savings Bank.

1979 The Canadian Federal Govt thought it might be a reasonable idea to provide bilingual air traffic control in Quebec.
Scouring action of the water has carved these pretty circles.
Or it was the landing gear of the aliens spaceship...

2006 Tuheitia Paki was chosen as the new Maori king, the eldest son of Dame Te Atairangikaahu.

2017 This is the date when the next predicted solar eclipse that will be viewable from Canada.
Mark it in your diary!

A decent radio show, The Matt & Jo Show, has launched a Real Beauty Search.
Click the link to go and vote for those with real beauty.


  1. Are you sure its a mushroom it looks like a lump of dirt to me.

  2. Yep, it's hard to tell, Bushrat, coz of the sand colour but it's definitely a fungi about to open. Not sure if it was a mushroom or toadstool, can't tell them apart myself lol.

  3. So many photos. So many, many photos. Got a bit snap-happy huh?
    They are good shots though.

  4. Oh, yes, River.
    Many, many photos.
    And many, many more yet to come... LOL.
    Thanks ;)

  5. Haven't digital cameras made life fun?

    Never would have taken so many pictures with a film camera I bet.

  6. Jayne, I’m seeing a little bit of history being made. I'm watching a show on channel 7 called "Coming Home". It's all about filming the new version of that old commercial where kids all over the world sang "I still call Australia Home". This time instead of having the kids in world wide locations, they're all in Australia, starting in various locations and making their way to a central spot where the song is being sung by an aboriginal boy in his native language. So all the kids are "coming home" to Australia. It's an amazing show, watching all these kids singing and having fun. I'm going to enjoy watching the commercial when it's aired even more than I would have now that I've seen the filming of it. I loved the original commercial too.