Wednesday, August 19, 2009

...and more again....

Just for Andrew; pink circles showing closeness of Beach Road to safety fence on cliff top.

Some of the beautifully shaded pathway; would be very lovely in warm weather with shade, sea breezes and many seats to enjoy.

Looking out to what appears to be a former man-made structure under the water.
I say man-made as it's too straight and rusting merrily away for nature to have created it!

Lichen everywhere was a common sight.

Shady trees and long grass suggest lazy Summer days...

Someone on a council gave a fat rats' clacker about history, once.

Point beneath plaque.

Remains of another man-made structure, with uber-straight lines showing under water.

Cliff in line with remnant of structure, showing the weathering on the cliff.

Showing the slabs of concrete now lying in a mess at the base of the cliff.
Wonder what it was?
Keep watching the pics and you'll find a clue.

Former beach, maybe?

Former look-out point now fenced off due to eroding cliffs.

No, you may not play in this garden!
Old cliff-top fence post showing how much has become unstable and how much has been lost.
Isn't that an enticing path to spend a whole day following?

Another old fence post, again showing the force of weather and man on the fragile cliff tops.

Go on, you know what the Native Fungi Child spluttered at me.

Another beach that's shrinking.

Moysey Gardens on Beach Rd.


  1. That rounded thingie, I think I have seen a similar one in a park in Glasgow. My memory is failing me though. Re last photo, are they all introduced weeds or perhaps some is native planting.

  2. I know what you mean, like the base of a pedestal or balustrade-type work?
    There are plenty of native plants but plenty are escapees from home gardens who have become weeds.

  3. Unfortunately there are far too many garden plants that have escaped into the wilderness to become pests