Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And more....

Pathway up to the cliff tops.

Halfway up pathway.

Showing how nature has turned a mortared crazy-stone jigsaw wall into a dry-stone wall.
Pic doesn't show how pretty it actually is with the changing colours.
View from the top of the path;
worth every ache!

Top of ramp/path.

Native flora with umpteen Wattle birds snacking on it.

The ever-appreciated thermos of sweet black tea.

A little cloud cover and a sudden mist-like white cloud had rolled in at sea (white line near horizon of photo).

Water looking delightfully clean and inviting.

We started waaaay back over there somewhere, boys and girls.

"Mum! Fungi!"
squawked Native Fungi Child.

So clear it looks shallow but is at the base of cliffs and rather deep-ish and dangerous.

Cliff-top pathway with twisted tee-tree providing the horror theme for ghouls....

It's steep and deep.

Old path, with old fence posts poking through, which used to lead down to...

...this natural rock platform waaaaay below us.
Sheer cliff face prevents access now.

More old revetment/fence posts with vague outline of former pathway that may have led down to...

...the reddish outcrop that seems very eroded and may have been another platform.
Old gate/fence posts and revetments that are now situated far on the other side of the safety barrier and right on the cliff edge as can be seen here (we were on a mini lookout part that jutted further out).

Storm water drain; where there's a gap between the 2 pipes the storm water has managed to gouge a hefty path through the cliff.

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