Saturday, August 15, 2009

And she goes for her third post in one day - she shoots, she scores....*ahem*

Babbling lots today, aren't I?!
Yesterday Feral Beast and I hopped on the 693 Belgrave bus from Oakleigh - yes, zone 2 from the 'burbs all the way into The Blue Dandenongs.
Takes an hour from Oakleigh to Belgrave but it's cheap and enjoyable.
So we found a beautiful black FB Holden Special in front of the bus coming into Belgrave, niiiiiiiice.
The driver parked to go shopping meaning we were able to drool at leisure.
After that we jumped on the 695 bus to Gembrook, still on our zone 2 tickets.
Can't remember how long it took, too busy sticky-beaking at the scenary.
The Gembrook Bakery got our custom; Feral Beast and I can highly recommend the cauliflower cheese and chicken vegie pies -beautiful, full of flavour and scrumptious. The staff were lovely , too.
We then trotted off to Do Our Bushwalking Thang.
Can I also recommend that wearing dark brown slacks is The Best Idea since sliced bread, as there will be little noticable marks after one has slid down the side of a red-brown soil ditch?
Yes, bruised bum but nothing to tell the tale LOL!
Afterwards, back in Belgrave, we spied a second FB Holden Special (they were either swarming or this was their preferred spawning ground) followed by a BRIGHT green Holden ute which reminded me of Mutant. But the driver wasn't bear-ish enough, sorry.
The Royal Hotel in Ferntree Gully often reminds me of Andrew, due to its Art Deco architecture, not because of his regal bearing.
Speaking of pubs, history and regal, The Blackframes Comedy at Willow Bar in Northcote looks very promising next week - subject being History!
As I sleepily swept past The Ferntree Gully Hotel I was also reminded that The Angels were advertised to be playing there last night or tonight, can't remember exactly, but I had ear-marked it as a possible night out to rediscover my lost, mis-spent youth.
But bed was screeching for my mis-spent middle age so I stayed on the bus.


  1. Thanks for keeping an eye out on my behalf Jayne. Should you find 'just the thing' ie: a bearish man with a hot Holden and rolling country estate, don't be shy in sending him my way, will you?

  2. Sounds like a great day out, hope your bum is not to sore!

  3. Gembrook; now there's a pretty name.

  4. Certainly not, Mutant, I'll express parcel post him off the moment my eyes spy him ;)

    lol Ta, Casdok, nah it's ok ;)

    It's right next to Emerald, River, and they're both pretty little towns ;)

  5. I do like rambling along with you and I am very impressed with your car recognition skills. My system is very simple... that one is green, that one is blue.
    Hubby and son have the eye for make, model and year.

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth :)
    My car recognition skills are thanks to an ex who taught me the ins and outs of Holdens and grilled me on how to tell them apart from a mere badge/tail light/rear window shape.