Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11...and the bar man asks "Is this some kind of a joke?"

 I am sad.
No more Hot Men on Boats aka Sea Patrol.
No more Phil's Post-it Crack aka Time Team.
No more Midsomer Murders aka Let's See How Many Bodies We Can Stuff In This Corner Of Britain Without Anyone Suspecting.
But I did see something worthwhile on Australian Story last night, when Ian "Dano" Rogerson and his family explained about his son, Jack, and their path along the Autism Maze.
Could have cheered when Ian Rogerson stated that caring for an Autistic child costs AU$45,000-$50,000 per year.
That's privately funded intervention, not the Govt offered half a tea cup of horse's piss funding (let's laugh into our hankies at this juncture before we cry, girls).

Speaking of horse's piss - oh, we weren't? - have a read of this article to see that some horse sense was in working order on Feb 7 during the bushfires.

And all you good souls who listened to your Nana's folk tales about bathing in champagne drinking beetroot juice should be doing the happy dance as the scientists have proven that it is, in fact, good for you.
Read HERE.

August 11, 2009 
Madame was parked on her arse in front of the monitor - as is her wont - guzzling a bajillion mandarins and dropped about 4 pips in the keyboard.
Fished out recalcitrant seeds with pen lid.
The World managed - just - to keep spinning on its axis.

August 11, 1983
Top number 1 hit in The Shaky Isles was Irene Cara's smash hit Flashdance (Oh What a Feeling).
Click HERE to relive some of your lost youth.
Or be horrified to realise your current fashion trend is exactly what your mother was wearing when she was your age.

August 11, 1976
The closing ceremony for The Olympiad for the Physically Disabled was held.
Canada ranked in 5th place, a total of 1,500 athletes from 38 countries attended.

August 11, 1962
The ferry Aramoana started service between Wellington and Picton.
Learn more about the ferries HERE.
But as Chris De Burgh sings "Don't pay the ferryman until he gets you to the otherside"
Unless you're charging on credit.

August 11, 1921
St John's Field, in Victoria, was officially opened.
In 1923 its name was changed to Essendon Airport.
But, fret not!
They started bleating about the noise from the airport as early as 1938.

August 11, 1914
St John's in Newfoundland was a tad warm under the collar when the mercury hit the Newfoundland record mark of 41.7 C.

August 11, 1912
In a storm that lasted 108 hours Cap-Rouge in Quebec got a little soggy with 216mm of cloud juice while Quebec City only managed to squeeze out 196mm.

August 11, 1900 
Oo-er, helloooo sailor!
South Oz's naval flagship HMCS Protector sailed from Sydney to China to assist in the Boxer Rebellion.
Protector went on to become the longest serving ship in Oz.

August 11, 1886 
Coode Canal was opened with a dash and a splash.
No flipping idea where or what Coode Canal is?
Click HERE, HERE and HERE to enlighten your curiosity.

August 11, 1877 
The Canterbury Cricket Association, NZ, was formed.
Click HERE.


  1. While I wouldn't have known until knowing you, I could straight away pick Rogerson's son as autistic. The money spent made a dramatic difference to his life and no doubt will save taxpayers money later, so why shouldn't the public purse stump up and help?

  2. You've listed two of my favourite songs today. Didn't think much of the Flashdance movie, but love the song.
    I suspect autism is one of those things the government hopes will go away if they ignore it. (my dentist has a poster on his wall that says "teeth, ignore them and they'll go away...")
    I noticed you've reversed the dates order today.

  3. Preventative measures will always save money, Andrew, but sadly they only exist in the realms of logic which politicians don't enter.

    Just trying something different, River.
    Yep, Govts are right, Autistic kids do disappear...when they become Autistic adults.