Monday, August 17, 2009

August 18 ....And she's gone off like a frog in a sock...!

I'm nicking off with Feral Beast...back to repeat the Mordy - Black Rock Tour walk.
With a camera this time.
So you can be amazed at the pretty rock pools (that look like your garden variety rock pools), you may ogle the piles of seaweed that strangely resemble Canadian/Kiwi/British/Callithumpian seaweed and you may be awed by the Blue Blubber Jelly Fish which was oh-so-gaudily decorating the many beaches yesterday after the Big Blowy Storm of the night before.
If it will dip its dangly bits out of the sea for a photo opportunity, that is.

1887 Apparently They had organised a Royal Commission to "look into" the proposed westward extension of Melbourne.
That Royal Commission tabled their findings on this day.
Dunno what they were, but.
Odd how there was no study or discussion on the extension of Melbourne through the surviving green wedges, recently.
Steam rollers aren't so extinct after all.........

1849 Most Montreal businesses closed their doors when hit by the recession that reached St Lawrence Valley.

August 20.
In NZ there was either a rash of holiday makers saving up to spend their annual leave in Presbyterian pulpits and Vicerages.
Or there was a loss of editors blue pencils....
You be the judge by reading about the (separately) vacationing Mr McFarlane and Miss Fox HERE.

1935 At New Brunswick they were a tad warm under the collar on their warmest day on record at 39.4 C.

1955 One of the last people to be executed in NZ was Edward Te Whiu who was hung for murder.
Read more HERE.

1966 The Battle of Long Tan took place; 108 Aussies up against 2,500 Viet Cong.
Read more details HERE.

1968 The Canadian National Exhibition opened for the very first time on a Sunday.

1971 NZ PM announced that the decision to withdraw Kiwi troops from Vietnam would be decided before the years' end.
But The Powers That Be are still to reach a final number and decide on how many illnesses Agent Orange may be linked to....


  1. still laughing at the title...

    I LOVE that expression.

  2. I lovethe beach during and after a storm, there is a certain feeling you get when you are there..amazing!

    I remember in the 80s we went to Altona beach right after a big summer storm had hit, perhaps it was the drought breaker? Anyway, trees were down, seaweed was washed ashore, so much had happened...and the pelicans had ripe pickings of all the floating dead fishes from the storm..unreal :)

  3. Loved going to the CNE when I was young. It was the last of the summer treats before the new school year.
    The food building GAVE away great sample and we'd fill ourselves to bursting and still manage to bring home a bagful of free candy, tea bags, biscuits etc.
    Now it's all about paying big bucks to sample garbage and the midway rides.

  4. Hey there Jayne.

    Also - my mother was born - that was a pretty huge event for the 1930s!!