Monday, August 24, 2009

August 25 sees the continuation of happy snaps

Bread crusts for seagulls mandatory.

August 24
2001 Opposition leader, ALP head honcho Kim Beazley announced his support of same-sex marriages.
If only he was still the leader today.........

A spot of kelp.

August 25
1852 Excitingly, the first land sales were signed on the dotted line in Ballarat.

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1873 A hurricane hit Cape Breton Island destroying more than 1,200 fishing boats and washing the wharves completely away.

The birds...!!

1920 Captain Euan Dickson was the first to fly over Cook Strait on his way to Trentham from Christchurch.

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1948 Frankton in NZ was hit by a tornado which left flooding, damages, 80 injured and 3 dead in the mere ten minutes it made itself felt.
More info and photos of the day HERE.

Cliffs. Crumbling. Off-limits.

1955 Beginning today Soviet Union Agricultural experts were given a three-week tour of Canada's farms and farming practices.

Yes, I can take a half-decent snap now and then.

1969 The 12 sided 50 cent piece exploded onto the scene and replaced the round 50 cent piece.

Go on...roll up your jeans and paddle in the shallows....


  1. You're right. The last two photos are crackers.

  2. Jaybe, that is just what we did yesterday..rolled up the jeans and in we went..brrr, a bit chilly, but ever refereshing :)

  3. But so much fun, eh, Cazzie ? lol :)

  4. You have very nice photos.

  5. Chuck a chip at the gulls!

  6. A "spot" of kelp?? There's enough kelp there to feed Tokyo. (yes, I know it's the wrong kind of kelp)
    I love the crumbling cliffs photo.

  7. Boo found a 50 cent piece today and has been tossing it all afternoon.


  8. Spot on Andrew, good read too.

  9. Tho in 2004 (or 05) as opposition leader Beasley ended up voting in the affirmative for the Howard government's Marriage amendment act( not sure if I've got the name right) that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Tho I can't find any factoids out there to confirm that fact I'm sure he did.