Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 26 ...and more pics....

Feral Beast dared go there.
Feral Beast was under threat of No Chocolate for a month.
Feral Beast apologised very quickly.

1634  The Huron Indians brought wild plums to feed the Jesuits at current-day Quebec.

1835 Gov Bourke - the complete tool - announced (in booming self-important voice) that Batman's Treaty with the Kulin Nation Aboriginal Peoples to be invalid and that all those settlers in Port Phillip were mere trespassers.


1891 The Northwest Territories had their very first published weather forecasts.

1894 The second Maori King, Tukaroto Potatau Matutaera Tawhiao, passed away on this date.
Read more about King Tawhiao HERE.

Look into my eyes....Go to the beach....Paddle in the shallows...

1939 Today saw the official opening of the Barnett Avenue Social Housing project for pensioners in NZ.
Read more about it HERE.

1960 Nancy Martinez, Canadian pop singer, was dropped off by the stork.
Listen to her HERE.

Strangely, we kept finding this wet thing lapping at the sand as we wended our way ever onward...

1966 Vincent Lingiari led 200 people of the Gurindji tribe in a walk off from Wave Hill Station in the NT in protest at the poor wages and conditions, and began the long fight to regain their traditional land.

1977 Bill 101 was adopted by the Quebec Govt - French became the official language of Quebec while those fathers were English could attend English school.

Finding Nemo...perhaps?

1986 It was announced that a colder and wetter August than usual had seen a higher loss of new lambs, costing NZ farmers $2.8 million.

2004 Something that pisses the rednecks off no end in the State of Beige Panic Ennui Victoria is Premier Steve Bracks introduced a bill to amend the Constitution to recognise the Aboriginal People of , and their contribution to, Victoria.

Bluestone steps leading down to...what was once beach but is now rock-pools within a marine santuary near Black Rock.

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  1. Didn't find Nemo but what a great sign. I am one of those people who rather like the idea of being able to identify what I spot.
    Now remembering is a totally different matter.