Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28 or better known as TGIF in my calendar

Stuffs happened, stuffs keep happening and stuffs hold the whole world together in their stuff-like glue.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Aunt Maggie lies comatose in a ditch....
Will Skippy find her in time?
Will Rin Tin Tin bury the dynamite safely?
Will the Littlest Hobo stop gnawing on that bone and go solve the wrongs of the world?
The answers to these questions and more will not be answered in tomorrow's episode of...
History Stuffs.
1819 In Bavaria t'was born Johann Gramp who came to Oz and planted his vines which became Orlando Wines.

1860 Melbourne's Parliament House came under attack from the public during a debate on a controversial land bill.

1860 In Montreal the Prince of Wales, Prince Albert Edward, was a visitor to a lacrosse match that was held in his honour.

1867 Mgr Baillargeon was announced as Bishop of Quebec.

1943 Eleanor Roosevelt popped into The Shaky Isles for a visit.

1992 The Big Snow that graced Canterbury was the heaviest in that region for 30 years.
Read more about it HERE.

Did you watch the first episode of ADbc?
Go watch next Thursday.
Very funny.
Mucho enjoyment!
Incessant giggling rampant.
Read review HERE.

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  1. I used to love Rin Tin Tin. I've always been a fan of cowboy type stuff.