Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 3 sings We will, we will mock you...We WILL mock you....

Art Deco?
Or just plain Good Taste?

1460 The English killed King James II of Scotland.
 Those feature bricks are just soooo disrespectful in their decorative individuality.
1836 Gov Bourke's suggestion for a *shock* national education system that had no influence or favour of any church drew ire and bleating from the whining Bishop Broughton...
 Art Deco-style in rounded front fences.
No, not mocking.
Openly smirking.

1856 Alfred Deakin was pupped.
For those who have nfi who he was, Alf Deakin was the 2nd PM of Oz and the bloke that Deakin Uni was named after.

Hideous Hughesdale railway station.

1900 Women were demonstrating outside the Temperance Hall in Melbourne to petition but for MP's to give women the right to vote.

1910 Art Nouveau, slightly earlier than Art Deco saw the founding of the Canterbury Croquet Association. 
The factories have given up any pretence and are openly chortling. 
1941 The NZ Govt seized the Finnish ship Pamir.
More details of the Pamir from the NZ Ship & Marine Society HERE.

 Drat you Art Deco chimney with your curves and beauty.
*I actually got sprung taking the above pic by the owner of the house but he didn't attack me with the gardening rake*

1942 Ghost ship The Flying Dutchman was sighted by crew on the HMS Jubilee near Cape Town.
Read more details HERE.

This one?
Big time.

*Canterbury in NZ are faced with losing a warehouse dating from the 1860s.
To read the full catastrophe click HERE.


  1. Some great photos. Houses like your first picture are being demolished in their hundreds in the posh suburbs. Did you notice the re-constructed bluestone kerbing in the same photo. Well done council.

  2. I love that house. She's such an elegant old girl.

  3. Wow - never thought I would have seen a chimney giving flipping the bird ;)

  4. The south-east 'burbs still have the odd hidden gem, Andrew and Anja ;)

    Yes, Amanda!
    That's exactly what I saw when I took the pic LOL.