Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4 Where we poke and probe the dark nooks and crannys just for your pleasure

Dear oh dear oh dear.
The things you see when you haven't got a gun as my mother used to mutter when my mother-in-law made her presence felt.
First the Ararat Police Station was on a Heritage Database and built in 1940.
Then it was to be demolished.
Then it was reviewed for its heritage and found to be built in 1953.
Now it's to be demolished.
But someone hasn't bothered to correct THIS heritage site...or THIS one, either.

Unravel the Riddle of the Ararat Police Station, boys and girls.
It was built in
A) 1940
B) 1953
C) Dunno but let's tear it down.

1578 King Sebastian of Portugal went missing in action during a battle with the Moors.
If you happen to see him can you tell him his mother is expecting him for tea?

The Ararat Police Station is
A) On the Heritage Database for good looks.
B) On the database after all the stick-it note pads were used up.
C) Someone left it there hoping it would find a good home.

1840 After being an uninvited guest of the Aboriginal People for 14 years John Storry Baker gave himself up to the Brit troops at Moreton Bay.
Conflicting dates give August 4th or April 8th or possibly a different year completely, 1839.
Pay your penny and take your chances.....as the toilet monitor used to say to customers.

1851 Typical whinging bloke the Guv of Westralia had a sook about receiving too many convicts (lucky bugger) as 300 Ticket of Leave men decended upon him - ooooerrr, Mother!

1895 Gossip from The Richmond Guardian...
*spoken in an Effie voice*
Excitements gripped da men by da short and curlies when some bloke jumped in wif a new flag to run up da council flagpole. It was all shiny an' pretty.
Tigers were still shouse at da footy, but.
*click the Effie link for an eyeful of a topless Craig McLaughlin*

1911 Electric trams blessed Launceston streets with their whirling presence....until being replaced with trolley buses in 1952.

1923 The iron horse began galloping along its tracks to the West Coast of NZ.
More info on the Midland Line railway HERE.

1923 James Cavell opened the Surfers Paradise Hotel in a beauty spot known as Elston.
The block of land was bought for $80 and the town soon became priceless when it took the name of the pub.
Only in Oz would a multi-million dollar city be named after a pub that originally cost less than a tank of petrol.

1965 The Cook Islands got themselves some self-governing happening on this date.
Broaden your knowledge base for those random questions in pub trivia or when Eddie drags you up to make a goose of yourself on national telly for dosh and read more on the Cook Islands HERE.
Or don't.
It's your loss.

If you managed to get through the quiz to this stage, you
A) Deserve a medal.
B) Have excellent taste!
C) Should have a cuppa tea and a good lie down.
D) Celebrate with the Passion Pop hidden in your teen's bedroom.
E) Go scour the toilet bowl and never speak of this to anyone ever again.


  1. I think I can see, from Google street view, what that Ararat Police Station looks like -- three brown brick buildings along Barkly Street in the township.

    If I've got it right, and I can see the right thing -- those buildings dominate the streetscape there, but in a long-time established way. I can see why they're after something flashy and modern, but -- I do hope it isn't too flashy. A brand new building would stick out like a sore thumb in that street.

  2. Just to add: 4 August was the birthday for our 1980s PM, David Lange, as well.

  3. The police station is visible using Google Street View. It is a very handsome building. Sorry, slightly distracted by Craig.

  4. Ahh, thanks for that, Lisa.
    And, yes! David Lange was such a character and so damn funny to listen to, Happy Birthday to the late Great David Lange, former PM of NZ.
    Pity he didn't cross the ditch and become our PM!

    That rings a bell with me, Marita or it may be another hotel that was demolished amidst loud protests, but yes, it's a damn shame.

    Thought you and Mutant might like Craig, Andrew ;)

  5. Effie. My favourite character. "Yeah, good thanks"

  6. Jayne, this is so timely! My friend and I rode our bikes in behind the council offices here in our hometown so she could show me a building that was heritage listed. She said to me it was the first farm homestead built in our area and she used to play with the grandkids of the people who built it. (She is 63 now).
    So off we rode on our bikes and to our dismay the hertage listed place (which was fought tooth and nail by the first residents of the area to be heritage listed) is GONE!
    She stepped into the office and gave the current Mayor a "what for". "I was born where McDonalds is now you know" (She said).."I am the blood of the area and you havetaken down this place of heritage and built new chambers.. a bloody disgrace!"
    And off we rode. Consequently this buggered up my Friday's History post as there was nothing to photograph!

  7. We need more of Effie in our lives, River.